short story

Sunrise or Hope


He smiled as she said her name again, she was such a beauty and her innocence was what made him so drawn to her. Yet he felt he was doing something wrong. Segun lost his wife 2 years ago and he wasn’t sure he should have a love interest so soon.

She smiled as he looked at her with his dreamy eyes, she wondered what he was thinking about. She was happy because she had met someone who didn’t want anything else but just know her and of course,” stare”… hahaha… she laughed. It had been 3 years she hadn’t dated , not because of betrayal or anything of that sort. She was saving herself for the best, “The One” as she heard her married friends say.. Suddenly she looked at Segun, he was handsome but of age.  She guessed he was in his late 40’s and wondered what was his story. She could tell sadness behind those eyes but she hoped she would help ,ease the pain and make him feel alive again… She wanted to save him because she needed saving too… However she was a little hesitant;would he accept her and her story if he knew?


Time And Love


Amanda watched the clock tick, tick-tock, tick tock… She sighed. It was such a beautiful day and such a beautiful weather but her heart was  very lonely still.

She missed being in-love, she missed the passion, she missed the desire of being wanted, she missed caring for someone, being there for someone, she missed him so badly:”The One” who was yet to come… She desired him so desperately… She sighed and asked herself; When was it going to be midnight ,so her luck would change… Tick-tock, Tick -tock..

Joshua looked out the window… His friends had always told him ,he was a hopeless romantic.. He believed that there was one person for everyone.. The One… He believed in fate, in destiny, he believed the stars would be aligned someday and he would meet her… He figured it would be on a full moon day.. He wondered if he was such a dreamer.. Life had been cruel to him… Why couldn’t he find love? Why was it so difficult for him to be happy, for him to care for someone, to adore someone, to pamper someone… He wondered and pondered… He looked at the clock and was still early, why wont time just go quickly, he starred at the clock…Tick-tock,Tick-tock




Love versus Reality


Hmm, Regina sighed heavily. She was sad but happy. Happy because she was alive and as her dad always said , ” once there is life, there is hope “.. She said to herself ,she was not going to be depressed, she sure wasn’t ! but it had been several months since the love of her life died. She still remembered as if it was yesterday. He had just kissed her goodbye, as he left for work and she was in such a foul mood that day. It hurt so bad. Life is so unpredictable ; not knowing if that would be the last time, the last kiss  or  the last look. She cried a little and then dried her eyes. It was his dad that called to tell her he got a call from the hospital. Till today ,she wondered why her number was not his emergency contact. Anyways, she had to move on. Thinking or remembering him was not helping,although she knew she would remember him forever.

She thought about her first love, Vincent. He often joked they would end up together. She got mad at him when they were younger : Their constant fighting got to her. He was so immature and he wouldn’t accept it. She was often childish too but expected him not to be ,as he was her man… and that’ s how they would fight nonstop. It was so annoying but she had missed him greatly.

Looking at his Facebook page ,she noticed he was seeing someone. She wondered if she should ask him if they were serious but she also wondered if he would want her back.  Those thoughts were killing her but she prayed and decided to give him a call.. As the phone rang, her heart skipped..

Vincent was chilling at home  with his friends talking about women and men and their differences. He wondered if he should propose to Sally. She stood by him over the years and tolerated him in spite of his silliness. Something he remembered Regina wouldn’t tolerate. He imagined if Regina was there ,she probably would have asked him to tell the boys to go home ,so they could cuddle.. lol. He laughed. She was really weird sometimes but that’s what he loved about her. Just at that moment , he looked at his phone, he could not believe it.. Regina was calling. His heart stopped, he was torn between taking the call or letting it go to voice-mail… He hushed the guys and said,” you won`t believe it but Regina is calling! what do I do?”

Love versus reality.. He could marry Sally and wonder  forever what kind of marriage he could have had with Regina  or end it with Sally and marry Regina, the love of his life and be willing to stand her, no matter what…

Unexpected love

stock-footage-young-business-woman-in-office-texting-on-cell-phoneMary was looking for something casual because she did not have time to date.. She was a workaholic and she lived so far away from eligible men, so her friends would always say. Her colleagues described her as sweet but yet she could not find love. She would often smile and tell them, she was married to her work that’s why she was single and was certainly in no rush. She was only going to marry for love and in any case, most men she had met didn’t possess the qualities she was looking for. She pondered sometimes about  what men really wanted from women, she was lost to what it was.. She needed a modern man who just loved her as he loved himself, was successful and was a great conversationalist . There were too many boring men out there who only talked about sports. She was a hopeless romantic but most times the men she had dated didn’t have time to discover that and ran away from her because she couldn’t give them the attention required. Her tiny secret ,was she was a virgin at 30 and was not going to give it away, just like that, plus she had heard men today expected women to know everything in bed: It was such a hassle! So for now ,Mary was content being married to her work until Dumo came along.

Dumo had been exchanging work emails with Mary and wondered how she looked.  He didn’t know why he was so drawn to the person he was corresponding with but each time they exchanged emails, he just smiled. He also was simply drawn to her name. She seemed like an enigma and he always loved a challenge. He was looking to settle down with someone extraordinary. He did not want a woman who would sit at home. He needed a match intellectually; he wanted to be stimulated by her mind not just by her looks. He always believed that love was something that would grow  and was willing to be patient for the right one.

Walking in Mary’s office  Dumo’ s heart was racing. He just hoped that once he saw her, he would know. However, Mary was not in the right  mood for her prince  charming ; she was on the  phone, engrossed with texting her mum and Dumo walked in and smiled because she  wouldn’t even raise her head to  acknowledge him  and   when she did, Mary wondered what he was smiling  about but noticed he was dangerously  handsome  and looked  great in the suit. She  gladly stood  up and  introduced herself…

Could their lonely nights be over?


It was spring again and Cassandra just loved the weather, It was her favorite time of the year. It often ushered in new beginnings, change ,hope and faith. She was so in love with John and would just day-dream about him constantly. She felt so lucky in love. She had been in love before but this was different, she felt safe. However their issue was, both families did not think they were a good match.

She met John at work; he was consulting at the firm she worked at and after several ” hellos” and bumping into each other, she decided to ask him out. He was impressed. He was the one always doing the chasing and was glad, this pretty girl had the guts to go for what she wants and that is how it all began. They were complete opposites but you know the saying how opposites attract… that was it.

Now his parents had so much money and hers didn’t. That was a major issue. John’s folks were convinced that she was after their money and asked her to sign a prenup while he insisted that he would not put her through such pain. He proposed, it was his decision and she did not even want to accept. She told him they needed to wait,they barely knew each other after 2 months but after a week, she called him and said ”yes” that they would grow together; Even after 20 years, they would still be learning things about each other.

Meanwhile his folks had a perfect girl for him.  She was a daughter of a business partner and although he did indicate interest at some point, he just loved the simplicity of Cassandra. She loved him for who is and not what he was and that is all he wanted.

Cassandra was at home with her parents trying to convince them that John loved her for real and was not going to make her a piece of furniture. He knew she had dreams and they had agreed that she would set up her own clothing line. She was going to put in 5 years into that before having kids. Everything had been thought about and agreed. Her mum told her men change, it was all too good to be true. Why would he pick a simple girl like her over thousand of rich women with affluent family over her?

Could their parents be foreseeing the future? True love after all does not care about material things…

A Man

taken by

A man is a man

Young or old,this generation or the next

A man needs respect ,honour and adoration

A man would do anything for a woman he loves but could walk away when his ego has been bruised

A man is a man

A man is a man

Respect to him is talking to him in a right tone

Listening to him when he speaks without interruption

A meekness he seeks

Letting him take care of you when he insists

A man is a man

A man is a man

Emotional or sensitive, recognising these moods and managing his emotions he asks

He also requires patience ,attention and understanding

He is human too, he knows his flaws and hopes he will be accepted

A man is a man

A man is a man

Recognise his strength and intelligence

Admire his successes

Do not let your mouth be tired of praise and recognition

Do not bring out his insecurities by your actions

He would fight for you even when you disapprove

A man is a man

A man is  a man

Still a child at heart, needs the bosom of his wife

For he compares you to his mother

The first woman in his life

Do not push him away with your tantrums

Sometimes he only needs ,peace and quiet

It is not always about you

A man is a man

A man is a man

He is firm in his word

Strong in his resolve to do right by you

Strong in his resolve to defend you and stand by you

He wants to teach you ,show you things you have never seen

A man is a man

A man is a man

His eyes may wander

However for you he will keep his act together

He has forsaken all others to cling unto you

Cherishing every moment spent with you

A man is a man

A man is a man

He never wants to hurt you

He understands a woman is a gift not a property

His jealousy and possessiveness is with wisdom

He does not want to share you

He only wants to love you,the way he knows how

A man is a man

A man is a man

To be your provider

To be your caretaker

To treat you like the only girl in the world

He shows you off to the world

A man is a man

A man is a man

A man understands you love him

But cannot compromise his pride and need for respect

Be wise to know and listen to the signs

Show him he is king in your eyes, in your words and when you are with him let that spark shine

Melt his heart with your warm embrace and words

Make love to him ,with your heart ,body and soul

Be there for him and to listen to him

A man is a man

When you find a man not a boy never let him go…. Be taken by that amazing man…


Titi looked at him and had to tell him the truth. For so many years, she watched him hurt as he wondered why she could not love him ” I don’t know if I  love you, I hate sometimes, I want and take. I seldom give, I’m selfish. I wanted to take you for dinner some day and probably buy you a gift on your birthday and I wanted to do those special things but I’m often busy”.
Tope,I also felt we were not a good fit. You also got everything together, never needing my advice but I must tell you I stayed because you were generous, kind and the sex , made me feel good. You were the only one I could come to when I was down. The only one who gave me so much care and I could count on. This is hard for me to say but I didn’t love you because I am in love with another. I do not love you but have always been fond of you.”

He turned around and shook his head and said “why didn’t you tell me? I could have understood. Your silence, confusing words drove me crazy… You were neither hot nor cold. I also have something to say. Although I love you unconditionally, you were not my only lover.”  He told her thanks and walked away.

Tope couldn’t believe it. 7 years gone down the drain. All the good and bad times, she seems to have forgotten. He picked up a bottle of whisky, he hadn’t drunk in years, because she hated it. “Am I that forgettable?” I was her first and only true love. How can it be over now that things were ok for him financially? Now he could take her out and she wouldn’t have to spend a dime. He sobbed like a baby. Poured himself a drink and then realized he had to do something. Win her back.
How do I do that? He asked himself. When she can’t even stand the sight of me any longer. I remember the days, she just used to lie in my arms and I would whisper in her ears, how beautiful she is and she would say “you make me beautiful” and we would be lost in each other’s arms completely. Tope got up and smashed the bottle. What on earth went wrong? He yelled! He wouldn’t stop. Susan rushed in and looked at him puzzled. Susan began to tell him the truth about Titi, it was too late.
Titi was smiling and glad she got that off her chest. Months had gone by but thinking about it again, she also could not believe it that he was seeing someone. Gosh. They could have saved 7 years. She did love him,although she lied that she didn’t. She was in denial and deep down she couldn’t stop thinking about him but she just was confused as always ,marriage was forever and she was not the marrying type. Then she pondered, how was he doing? She was sure Susan had told him already the big secret, the main reason why she was cruel to him.Susan never liked her and worse now, she married her ex-boyfriend.

Gosh! She took a deep breath. How did she end up in this love triangle? Tope was supposed to be “the one”, she remembered the first kiss, the first look in his eyes, the first time, he said those three words, the fireworks, it was all so lovely until…..Hmm, she couldn’t place a finger to it. Until what? What was it? When did she fall in love with Tade, his best friend and Susan’s ex? Why did she choose him over Tope, her love of 7 years? Titi, suddenly realized she could have made a mistake, a tear dropped and then Tade walks in,” Hey gorgeous Mrs…” Why are you crying? Titi, was startled, hesitating, she said “I am happy”‘