Sunrise or Hope


He smiled as she said her name again, she was such a beauty and her innocence was what made him so drawn to her. Yet he felt he was doing something wrong. Segun lost his wife 2 years ago and he wasn’t sure he should have a love interest so soon.

She smiled as he looked at her with his dreamy eyes, she wondered what he was thinking about. She was happy because she had met someone who didn’t want anything else but just know her and of course,” stare”… hahaha… she laughed. It had been 3 years she hadn’t dated , not because of betrayal or anything of that sort. She was saving herself for the best, “The One” as she heard her married friends say.. Suddenly she looked at Segun, he was handsome but of age.  She guessed he was in his late 40’s and wondered what was his story. She could tell sadness behind those eyes but she hoped she would help ,ease the pain and make him feel alive again… She wanted to save him because she needed saving too… However she was a little hesitant;would he accept her and her story if he knew?


Love and the Sheets

Their moaning could wake up the entire neighborhood but they couldn’t be bothered. It was as if it was their first time.. Their eyes locked and then she closed her eyes in sheer pleasure… He was lost in her warm embrace and as he went deeper all he could say was” I love you” . Yes, he did, so passionately. He had waited so long and finally they were here on their wedding night and it was simply magical…

Love versus Reality


Hmm, Regina sighed heavily. She was sad but happy. Happy because she was alive and as her dad always said , ” once there is life, there is hope “.. She said to herself ,she was not going to be depressed, she sure wasn’t ! but it had been several months since the love of her life died. She still remembered as if it was yesterday. He had just kissed her goodbye, as he left for work and she was in such a foul mood that day. It hurt so bad. Life is so unpredictable ; not knowing if that would be the last time, the last kiss  or  the last look. She cried a little and then dried her eyes. It was his dad that called to tell her he got a call from the hospital. Till today ,she wondered why her number was not his emergency contact. Anyways, she had to move on. Thinking or remembering him was not helping,although she knew she would remember him forever.

She thought about her first love, Vincent. He often joked they would end up together. She got mad at him when they were younger : Their constant fighting got to her. He was so immature and he wouldn’t accept it. She was often childish too but expected him not to be ,as he was her man… and that’ s how they would fight nonstop. It was so annoying but she had missed him greatly.

Looking at his Facebook page ,she noticed he was seeing someone. She wondered if she should ask him if they were serious but she also wondered if he would want her back.  Those thoughts were killing her but she prayed and decided to give him a call.. As the phone rang, her heart skipped..

Vincent was chilling at home  with his friends talking about women and men and their differences. He wondered if he should propose to Sally. She stood by him over the years and tolerated him in spite of his silliness. Something he remembered Regina wouldn’t tolerate. He imagined if Regina was there ,she probably would have asked him to tell the boys to go home ,so they could cuddle.. lol. He laughed. She was really weird sometimes but that’s what he loved about her. Just at that moment , he looked at his phone, he could not believe it.. Regina was calling. His heart stopped, he was torn between taking the call or letting it go to voice-mail… He hushed the guys and said,” you won`t believe it but Regina is calling! what do I do?”

Love versus reality.. He could marry Sally and wonder  forever what kind of marriage he could have had with Regina  or end it with Sally and marry Regina, the love of his life and be willing to stand her, no matter what…

My Diamond


My Queen is a diamond

She is beautiful beyond comprehension

She stands out from the crowd

She teaches ,edifies and molds me

Her warm embrace I cherish

I admire her intelligence

I find confidence in her strength

I know she can handle any storm

A diamond in the rough

When I look at my Queen;I see no other..

I cherish my every moment with her

I know she is not perfect but she is perfect for me

A diamond in rough

All her curves and edges are beautiful

She makes me proud, my Queen

I can’t  but help to talk about her to my friends and family

She is not my trophy but a gift I treasure

She is not some conquest but a gift I value

She did not come under me to be crushed but stands by me ,beside me, behind me to give me support in things that matter

My Queen is whom I rely on and my only true friend

She is modest,slow to anger, sweet

I rely on my Queen and she trusts me

My Queen ,I cherish.. I adore..I am awed

My own diamond

My Queen soon to bear me sons and daughters that will make a difference in our generation

My Queen will rule my kingdom and men will bow down to her

My Queen will excel in all things

My Queen, my LOVE

Where art thou,my Queen?


Titi looked at him and had to tell him the truth. For so many years, she watched him hurt as he wondered why she could not love him ” I don’t know if I  love you, I hate sometimes, I want and take. I seldom give, I’m selfish. I wanted to take you for dinner some day and probably buy you a gift on your birthday and I wanted to do those special things but I’m often busy”.
Tope,I also felt we were not a good fit. You also got everything together, never needing my advice but I must tell you I stayed because you were generous, kind and the sex , made me feel good. You were the only one I could come to when I was down. The only one who gave me so much care and I could count on. This is hard for me to say but I didn’t love you because I am in love with another. I do not love you but have always been fond of you.”

He turned around and shook his head and said “why didn’t you tell me? I could have understood. Your silence, confusing words drove me crazy… You were neither hot nor cold. I also have something to say. Although I love you unconditionally, you were not my only lover.”  He told her thanks and walked away.

Tope couldn’t believe it. 7 years gone down the drain. All the good and bad times, she seems to have forgotten. He picked up a bottle of whisky, he hadn’t drunk in years, because she hated it. “Am I that forgettable?” I was her first and only true love. How can it be over now that things were ok for him financially? Now he could take her out and she wouldn’t have to spend a dime. He sobbed like a baby. Poured himself a drink and then realized he had to do something. Win her back.
How do I do that? He asked himself. When she can’t even stand the sight of me any longer. I remember the days, she just used to lie in my arms and I would whisper in her ears, how beautiful she is and she would say “you make me beautiful” and we would be lost in each other’s arms completely. Tope got up and smashed the bottle. What on earth went wrong? He yelled! He wouldn’t stop. Susan rushed in and looked at him puzzled. Susan began to tell him the truth about Titi, it was too late.
Titi was smiling and glad she got that off her chest. Months had gone by but thinking about it again, she also could not believe it that he was seeing someone. Gosh. They could have saved 7 years. She did love him,although she lied that she didn’t. She was in denial and deep down she couldn’t stop thinking about him but she just was confused as always ,marriage was forever and she was not the marrying type. Then she pondered, how was he doing? She was sure Susan had told him already the big secret, the main reason why she was cruel to him.Susan never liked her and worse now, she married her ex-boyfriend.

Gosh! She took a deep breath. How did she end up in this love triangle? Tope was supposed to be “the one”, she remembered the first kiss, the first look in his eyes, the first time, he said those three words, the fireworks, it was all so lovely until…..Hmm, she couldn’t place a finger to it. Until what? What was it? When did she fall in love with Tade, his best friend and Susan’s ex? Why did she choose him over Tope, her love of 7 years? Titi, suddenly realized she could have made a mistake, a tear dropped and then Tade walks in,” Hey gorgeous Mrs…” Why are you crying? Titi, was startled, hesitating, she said “I am happy”‘

At Last

Stephen is a young man in his late thirties, a successful banker,Christian and humble man. He was the type who would open doors for strangers, he did not like too much attention and often loved to give surprises anonymously. He was also a good writer. He wrote poems when he was stressed. It was his getaway place, he often prayed for a woman who would love his writing or possibly be a writer too.

Stephen was at the office wondering why he just could not find the right woman. His father had once told him never to try to understand a woman,just love her!  He never quite understood that and still did not. Why was love so complicated? He had dated several beautiful women ,been married once and in the end ,all he could say is, perhaps he did not show them love as his father advised.

What does it mean to love a woman? He kept pondering. He thought about Yinka,the woman he just walked out on. He left because he was tired. He was sure she did not love him but he loved her: He did everything in his power to show her he did but she just could not say ” I love you” .She told him once that she was only ever going to tell him when she meant it and that when she did it was going to be forever. However,he lost his patience. He just was not going to sit around and beg for her love when there are plenty fish. He decided to quit,he felt she would not be hurt,she was a very attractive girl and any man would die for her. He knew she would be fine and eventually she was. He just heard that she got married but it got him upset. He was curious to know why she chose Tunde and not him. Akin his brother had told him not to go down that path” Just let it go,forgive Yinka and pray God brings someone along your way”.

So Stephen decided to pray. He prayed hard. Read several books on preparing for marriage and dating. He watched videos and listened to tapes. He was ready and just as Akin promised someone came along his way..Sarah.

Sarah was at home checking her calendar, hmm..5 years had already gone by since Segun had cheated on her and moved away with Franca her childhood friend. She still remembered the pain. It hurt so badly. What only seemed to happen in the movies happened to her. That year was the most difficult year of her life and over time she concluded that all men were the same. There was no need to try.She decided to focus on God and her career. She was a successful business woman: she started her company from scratch.

Sarah smiled as she remembered Stephen, although she just met him 2 weeks ago,she felt that there could be more. There was no magic or fireworks as her dear friend Mary would say but he was special. She  double checked her list on the qualities she desired in a man and prayed. She had been celibate all these years and hoped the next man would be her last.Going through her list again she realized she had to talk to Stephen,she wrote the list after her breakup and knew why she did. She was hurt. How was she going to know that Stephen was not going to hurt her ?God! it was hard.

Stephen knew right away that he could spend the rest of his life with Sarah. He could not place a finger as to why but he just knew and he was not going to miss this chance. He could tell she had gone through pain and vowed to show her that all men are not the same . He was going to love her until she wept because of his love. He vowed not to mess this one up. She was just right for him, everything he wanted and much more. If only she would accept him. He was a little worried that she might not take him seriously considering she was richer. That was not to say he did not have financial security..he had a good job. He worked at a bank, but she was so independent and had several millions stashed away. He prayed she would not think he was there for her money. He really did like her a lot and he was sure it was going to grow. As his mind wandered,his phone rang. It was Sarah, he became nervous. It had been a long time he felt that way about a woman! She invited him for drinks ,he was excited. That was the beginning of their love relationship.

As life happens,all relationships go through a test. Segun who broke Sarah’s heart was back. Apparently the relationship between him and Franca did not work and he had dated several women after Franca but he never felt the same. He came to apologise to her , or so he claimed. Stephen did not like the idea of him back in her life. Segun was a multi-millionaire, dangerously handsome and seemed like a better match for her. He was no competition. Their relationship was about 7 months now and he had just bought her ring. Getting her ring size was the main culprit, he just did not know how to measure her finger but thanks to her light head,he succeeded one night when she fell asleep in his apartment. So there he was planning a surprise engagement party with her family and friends when Sarah called. She sounded upset over the phone, he was so worried. He hated it when she was upset or she cried. Upon getting to her apartment,she smiled but could not look at him in the eyes. She told him,she needed a break from the relationship. She did not know why God brought Segun back in her life. She did love  Segun deeply in the past and seeing him again brought back all those feelings,but that does not mean she did not love Stephen. Stephen did not know if he should cry, yell or just walk away.

He had been in possession of the ring for a while,just waiting for the right moment and although this did not seem like the right time and did not fit the plan,he had to do it ,she had to know he did not want to lose her,going down on both knees ,he calls her attention,she turns around and sees him on both knees, Stephen says ” There is no woman I would rather spend the rest of my life with ,will you marry me Sarah?”.. Sarah was speechless, what a pleasant surprise,her heart screamed “yes” but her head said ‘”not now”. So she asked him to get up and told him she would love to spend the rest of her life with him as well but needed time. Stephen did not know what to say but was glad because she did not say no. She did not want to take the ring either; she asked him to keep it until a time she was going to wear it. He left her apartment with mixed feelings .

To his dismay he did not hear from Sarah again in two months. Two long months,no calls, no text, no emails, she vanished. He went to her office and her apartment but all he was told,was she was on a business trip and was ok. He worried about her but was upset, she disrespected their relationship by going on the trip without letting him know. He did not know what to make of this. Was it over? It seemed it was happening all again. He was going to get hurt. Just when he had finally found someone to love, he did everything his dad told him. He prayed and loved her especially when she was just being a woman! Gosh he loved her. He respected her wishes. They even had not had sex, she said no and he had stayed committed to her for 9 months, this was the first time he had given 100%. Gosh!

He buried his head in the pillow and just then, he heard someone open his front door, he figured it was Grace his kid sister stopping by with lunch or checking on him. He called out her name and no response, as he walked out the door, Sarah stood there smiling. He was mixed with joy and anger and he asked her why she was here. Sarah said ” to spend the rest of my life with you” that was the most beautiful thing he had heard. All of a sudden he forgot all the pain she had caused, why she disappeared. She was saying how sorry she was and explaining everything when he just kissed her. At last his lonely nights were over…

Dear Future Husband

Dear Future Husband,

Hope you are doing ok.

I need to be understood,so I decided to write you this letter ,so when we meet,you will know me and I know you.

I belong to you and you belong to me. Together we will be forever; my promise will I keep to you until my dying day.

I hope you will keep yours,please know that I do not believe in divorce.

I do not know how to be a wife; I have never been married but  I will learn .I expect you to teach me,nurture me and mould me to become the wife you want me to be. I only want to please you.

I only know who I am as a woman. I am strong but delicate, smart, filled with so many God-given talents to assist you to become the man God has intended you to be.

You are my head and I will respect your authority. I also expect you to respect my authority as your assistant, your co-captain.

My future husband ,please do not lead where I cannot follow ;women have a gift,our intuition. Listen to me even when it seems foolish and ask God to show you when you can’t.

My future husband,have authority over your head. Have God, your father,your mother,your uncle,a father figure that you are accountable to. We both don’t know what marriage is like,we will learn from God’s word and from the authority over your head.

My future husband, I will not always be sweet,obedient, and accommodating*me being honest .In these hard times ,I hope you show compassion and tenderness towards me. I probably am just going through stuff that I don’t know how to control. You know I love you and I am only human. Please be patient with me.

My future husband,please trust me with several tasks, don’t see me as a threat. I am only trying to make sure everything goes smoothly, it is my responsibility as much as it is yours. Don’t stress too much. Let me help you. Don’t let your ego get a hold of you. I know you are my provider and protector and me doing stuff for you or for us doesn’t take that away from you.

My future husband, my love,my sweetheart.. You are so kind. I believe you are. I need you to know that I admire you. You mean everything to me. Without you there would be no me. We are one. Never forget that.

My dear future husband,please ask me any question that comes to mind. I am ready to answer ,anytime ,any day. Your doubts,fears are safe with me. Together we will move mountains,make a difference in this generation. Nothing is impossible.

My future husband, don’t worry about our kids. They will be raised to fear the lord. Their path will be set as they are formed in the womb. Together we will train them in the way of the lord. They will be an example to their generation and be a legacy to the next.

My future husband,don’t worry,don’t fret about worldly riches. We will have wealth, most importantly,we will be rich in  our mind,body,spirit and soul. We will be good to all around us.

My future husband ,please let us not use worldly standards in our home. When we fight let the sun not go down in our anger. Let us resolve our issues. Let us forgive and let go. Let us talk about the issues and make actions toward those issues,so they don’t repeat,let us pray without ceasing together,alone especially when we are apart.

My future desire will always be for you and your desire will always be to dominate me. Don’t worry about that. I will be loyal to you forever when you appreciate me. I am God’s gift to you to be treasured and valued ,not your property. As long as you don’t mistreat me, I will flourish and be more than you ever wanted me to be. I will be the Proverbs 31 woman. I can only be that with your love. I am a reflection of your love.

My future husband,love me, love me unconditionally. When I am good ,especially when I am bad. Unconditional love is hard,I know. I assure I will love you unconditionally even if you don’t. My desire will always be for you. Our love is forever.

My future husband,I hope you can see that I respect you.  I will run with your vision and uphold your values. Please let your word be your bond.

My future husband, I forsake all my past and all others to cling unto you,cling unto me.

My future husband,pray for me, I pray for you always. When you find me be sure you have conviction, be sure it is me without doubts. I need you to be sure, I am the one you seek.

My dear future husband, this is where I drop my pen, I miss you ,please come find me,your favour is with me ” He who finds a wife obtains favour from the lord” . I await patiently for you because the woman is the glory of man. We need each other.

Love you and see you soon.

Yours forever,

Future wife.