A Strange Encounter

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Maxwell couldn’t help it, he knew he was in-lust but the only way he could get her attention was by playing along.  He just couldn’t believe Jennifer was so naive. How could she fall so hard and claim to love him in 3 weeks?  She has already mentioned meeting his family and all he could think about was how sweet her lips were and how gentle her touch was.  She gave him butterflies in the belly:It had been a while he enjoyed making love so much. Words could not describe the feeling:It was like their bodies were made for each other. Each touch, each move ,each breath, just took him deeper and deeper into lust for her. All he wanted to do right now was to see her. Maxwell told himself,he had to wait…It was just 5 more minutes before she would walk in.. He waited patiently .

Jennifer was so in-love. She was excited. She had told the whole world about Maxwell. In fact she could picture their future already. She loved everything about him-He wasn’t just a pretty face. He had it all-look,brains and cash. He was the whole package.  She kept thinking about how they met. It was strange.  He was on a blind date and she was hanging out with friends and he just walked up to her and asked if she wanted to dance and they just hit it off. It had only been a few weeks ,she told herself but she knew he was the one. They way he looked at her, his kisses. He held her so tight,never wanting to let her to go.  She smiled and thanked her stars.. This was it ,so told herself. Her happy ending ,at last…


Love and the Sheets

Their moaning could wake up the entire neighborhood but they couldn’t be bothered. It was as if it was their first time.. Their eyes locked and then she closed her eyes in sheer pleasure… He was lost in her warm embrace and as he went deeper all he could say was” I love you” . Yes, he did, so passionately. He had waited so long and finally they were here on their wedding night and it was simply magical…

When she is into you

When she is so into u
It won’t matter if you don’t dress fine
It won’t matter if you don’t buy her fancy things or haven’t even given her a gift at all!
It won’t matter if you have a job or not
It won’t matter when you hang out with the boys when you promised to come home after work.
It won’t matter when your folks don’t like her that much
It won’t matter when you are miles apart
It won’t matter when your feet smell after a long day at work!
It won’t matter when she made that lovely hair and you didn’t notice
It won’t matter when she cooked and you didn’t even taste it because you ate already
It won’t matter when you do something wrong because she forgave you already
It won’t matter when she don’t like your friends but still lets them in the house
It won’t matter when you hurt her so bad and she simply didn’t understand why you didn’t show up when you said you would
It won’t matter when she gets all sexy for you on Valentine’s Day and you forgot it was even Valentine’s Day
It won’t matter much when you get home drunk and she has been waiting up for you after calling you forever because her calls when to voice mail and you simply forgot to call
It won’t matter much when you don’t tell the whole truth about a certain situation and she forgives you all the same and even says a prayer for you when she honestly just wants to slap you…
It won’t matter when you are so annoying sometimes; all she thinks about is you
It won’t matter even when her friends tell her she can do better…
All she sees is her soul mate,she smiles each time and only remembers the positive
When she is so into, so many things don’t matter but don’t think she is a fool. She is just into you.

When he is so into u
It won’t matter when your grammar isn’t too ok
It won’t matter if you don’t look like Beyoncé because you are the most beautiful girl in his eyes
It won’t matter when you really don’t know how to cook; he will eat it all the same and give you some tips for next time.
It won’t matter when ALL his friends and family think you are not good enough for him;to him you are the best thing that ever happened to him.
It won’t matter when you gain a few pounds, hey just make sure it is in the right places.
It won’t matter if you are so annoying and stubborn all the time, in fact he finds that kinda attractive
It won’t matter when you don’t wanna have sex because he knows how to wait!
It won’t matter when you receive some phone calls that he just isn’t too comfortable with but he just trusts you completely
It won’t matter when you fight because he won’t let you go to bed being upset with him
It won’t matter when things go wrong and seems like you two would never get back together, he will give you so many chances…
It won’t matter when you go visiting your friends and promise to see him and then call to cancel. It is ok; he knows you need some space.
It won’t matter when you suck at 1000 things that people say you must be good at. He isn’t looking for a perfect being, because you are perfect for him.
It won’t matter but don’t take him as a fool, he is just so into you.