Time And Love


Amanda watched the clock tick, tick-tock, tick tock… She sighed. It was such a beautiful day and such a beautiful weather but her heart was  very lonely still.

She missed being in-love, she missed the passion, she missed the desire of being wanted, she missed caring for someone, being there for someone, she missed him so badly:”The One” who was yet to come… She desired him so desperately… She sighed and asked herself; When was it going to be midnight ,so her luck would change… Tick-tock, Tick -tock..

Joshua looked out the window… His friends had always told him ,he was a hopeless romantic.. He believed that there was one person for everyone.. The One… He believed in fate, in destiny, he believed the stars would be aligned someday and he would meet her… He figured it would be on a full moon day.. He wondered if he was such a dreamer.. Life had been cruel to him… Why couldn’t he find love? Why was it so difficult for him to be happy, for him to care for someone, to adore someone, to pamper someone… He wondered and pondered… He looked at the clock and was still early, why wont time just go quickly, he starred at the clock…Tick-tock,Tick-tock





Sunrise in your eyes

sunrise 2

I awake again with thoughts of you

Thoughts of you , always you

Your ever so loving gaze

Your ever so warm embrace

I awake again and memories of you keep me going

I smile, I frown , I laugh and my friends say often  ” it’s strange, he is just right by her side”

Yes you lay by my side, each and every day

I see you , your smile and it takes my breath away

I hunger for your touch

I  desire you ,each and every morning

I awake again and memories of you keep me going

Nothing is ever lost, it begins again… each memory delightful

My Man

My prince charming rides a car not a horse,hahahahaha.

An everyday man, going through the motions like everyone else.

My prince charming has a smile that warms my heart.

My man, is strong,tall,intelligent,successful ,has potential, smart,very good-looking and a good lover.

I admire his determination to succeed and his ambition.

I admire his accomplishments; he became his own man.

His vision ,I seek to accomplish. His values ,I seek to uphold.

My man, stoops to conquer. He may be a little arrogant sometimes but that’s because he knows his self-worth.

He rolls up his sleeves to get the job done.

My man is polite and courteous;sometimes I wonder why he needs to be that sweet. In my impatience I hurry him ,so we can go about our normal business.

My man knows how to pray,he studies the Bible and seeks to please God and when he strays ,like we all do from time to time, he finds his way back to his creator.

My man, is kind,sensitive, emotional, loving,caring and forgiving. His compassion and tenderness ,I cherish. Loves me even in his temperament.

My man is committed and faithful to me, does not have a wandering eye. Looks at me,like I am the only girl in the world.

My man admires me,tells me how beautiful I am,especially when I self-doubt or have gained a few pounds. When I ask,why don’t you mind my love handles? he says ” you are beautiful inside out”.

My man, loves my perfect imperfections, I would be lost without him.

He completes me and I complete him.

My man, my sweetie, my love.

Without you there would be no me.

My one true love

My one true love,awaits my presence.

Without me there would be no him ,without him there would be no me.

My one true love, is strong, his strength captivates me.

My strength does not intimidate him.

Our strength moves mountains.

My one true love, is handsome, beautiful inside out.

His smile melts my soul, whenever he bites his lower lips, I find that attractive.

My one true love ,understands my sharp mouth. My criticism is not superiority,it’s me being able to speak my mind to my friend, lover and husband.

And when I misspeak he corrects me with love and tenderness.

Showers me with mercy and compassion even when he is angry.

My one true love is proud. Proud that he has a Queen,he recognizes my intelligence and tells of my many successes.

My one true love bears no grudge..Is the first to apologize even when I am wrong ,watches me while I sleep and prays for me when I am acting up.

The next day, it seems like we never had a fight. My true love knows that I love him, will fight for me till his dying day. Even when his friends and family tell him ,I am no good. He sees the best in me and looks beyond the past.

My one true love, I cherish, I adore, I honor. I may not always say the words he wants to hear, but deep down in his heart, the unspoken words he understands. My actions, my support, my loyalty, my consistency, my respect of his values, are all he remembers.

My one true love forgives me ,a million times and gives me a million chances without expecting the same in return.He doesn’t want a world without me and  realizes that he would rather spend his day with me than with anyone else.

My one true love is a promise keeper, his word is his bond. If he says it ,he means it and matches words with corresponding action especially in the little things that seem unimportant.

My one true love, sits and admires me..even as I grow old in age, he says, I grow beautifully. He can’t wait to see how I would look in 50 years.

My one true love, is patient and understanding. Fully accepting of me, good and bad. ”I can’t” isn’t in his vocabulary. With me he only sees possibilities.

My one true love, remembers the early days, the hard times, the good times, remembers why he chose me, remembers why I chose him,remembers the promises we made to each other, forsakes all others and clings only to me.

My one true love, loves me as I love him in spite of the challenges because there would be no me without him and no him without me. Our love is forever.