A Strange Encounter

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Maxwell couldn’t help it, he knew he was in-lust but the only way he could get her attention was by playing along.  He just couldn’t believe Jennifer was so naive. How could she fall so hard and claim to love him in 3 weeks?  She has already mentioned meeting his family and all he could think about was how sweet her lips were and how gentle her touch was.  She gave him butterflies in the belly:It had been a while he enjoyed making love so much. Words could not describe the feeling:It was like their bodies were made for each other. Each touch, each move ,each breath, just took him deeper and deeper into lust for her. All he wanted to do right now was to see her. Maxwell told himself,he had to wait…It was just 5 more minutes before she would walk in.. He waited patiently .

Jennifer was so in-love. She was excited. She had told the whole world about Maxwell. In fact she could picture their future already. She loved everything about him-He wasn’t just a pretty face. He had it all-look,brains and cash. He was the whole package.  She kept thinking about how they met. It was strange.  He was on a blind date and she was hanging out with friends and he just walked up to her and asked if she wanted to dance and they just hit it off. It had only been a few weeks ,she told herself but she knew he was the one. They way he looked at her, his kisses. He held her so tight,never wanting to let her to go.  She smiled and thanked her stars.. This was it ,so told herself. Her happy ending ,at last…


A blast from the past, A friend or a lover?

“Jessica you are beautiful, inside and out. Everything about you makes me love you more and more. Don’t push me away. I need you and want you, don’t want to live one single day without you. You complete me. Please say, yes” , Jessica sighed, as she lay there, reminiscing. She couldn’t give James an answer just yet. She still had unfinished business with Josh. Speaking out loud she said” why won’t he just tell me if he loved me? ” Franka turned around to her dear friend and asked” Is it Josh or James? ” choose my dear friend…choose.
Jessica was so nervous; she was pacing up and down  the corridor, waiting for Josh to show up. She had no clue how to begin and she hadn’t told him why he was to show up. She took a deep breath and she didn’t even have time to exhale, Josh was staring at her with those charming eyes and open arms saying “what’s wrong beauty? I can tell you got a whole lot you wanna spill, so shoot” and then she froze, she had no idea what she wanted to say and she just wanted to be in his arms, where she felt safe always. Running into his arms she said “Josh, I love you do you love me?” Josh couldn’t believe his ears, he looked at her and was confused, he asked about James (wrong thing to say) and that ruined the moment. Jessica was mad and angrily, she asked him to leave and never come back, she was marrying James in a week!
Vivian was laying down on her bed, crying. Why couldn’t Josh see how much she loved him, why was he always talking about Jessica? The same Jessica that is about to marry some guy called James. They were in the middle of a nice conversation and he suddenly got off the bed to attend to Jessica. Vivian got thinking, does she break up with Josh before he dumps her for Jessica, she knew that was going to happen, sooner or later. Josh on the other hand was walking home to Vivian, how he wished Jessica told him this sooner, he loved her so much but Vivian was in his life now and they had been going steady, few months, he just didn”t know what to do. Meanwhile, Jessica was thinking about how to run away from both James and Josh, she had given up on love and relationships, it was all too complicated for her, loving two men and the one she would love to spend the rest of her life with, couldn’t just say those words, she knew he loved her but why was he scared? Jessica wrote a note for James, telling him to put a hold on the wedding, she needed time to think, her hand was shaking as she was writing, she did love him but was just so confused, she needed time. James was out hanging out with his boys, they were getting high and drinking…It was a week to the wedding his friends reminded him,It was time to get wild and as he was indulging a strikingly beautiful girl,walked up to him and said “‘ James ,I can’t believe this is you! You were my first love in high school! It’s me,Maggi”‘ and then the memories flooded in..
James kissed Maggi back, he couldn’t understand why he was doing this. At this moment, he just couldn’t think. His hands caressing her and feeling her curves, he was lost completely, then suddenly he remembered, he was getting married,he pushed Maggi gently away. Maggi got upset, was he shy?she looked around and suddenly realised this must be a party of some sort, was it his birthday? was he moving away and before she could think about it a little longer, James spoke up, ” I’m so sorry Maggi, I’m getting married in a week, this is my bachelor’s party” , words cannot describe how Maggi felt, she was heartbroken.. Why was she always unlucky? She just got dumped and left Germany praying to find love back home and just when she finds her one true only love he happens to be engaged. Fate! ” Damn fate” she cried out loud. James pulled her to a corner, to have a chat. Meanwhile, Jessica was on a plane, she was going through pictures, those with her and James, she also went through pictures of her and Josh, she loved Josh more she concluded but her head told her ” love is not enough” she sighed. What was she doing? running away to find answers that she probably won’t find elsewhere, this was just stupid, she decided to get off the plane…Josh was so worried, he was at the airport he was praying that by some chance he would see Jess, knowing Jess so well, he knew she would run, anytime, she was having doubts in her relationships over the years, she would first come to him, then run.. Now he wanted her to run no more, it was time, she stayed safe in his arms

Jessica was lost in her thoughts and walking aimlessly at the airport, not sure if she should crash James’s bachelor’s party or just go have drinks with her friends, shaking her head and wondering why love was so complicated, she looked up and saw Josh, her heart stopped. Josh, just ran to her and kissed her like his life depended on it ” Jessica, thank God I found you, I love you, always have and always will “, Jessica didn’t know if she should cry, laugh or simply scream, she got off the plane to be with James and now Josh was there, telling her what she wanted and needed to hear, was fate playing a trick on her, damn!

“Jessica say something” those were the words that brought her back to reality. She had to pinch herself “this is real” now she had heard it. What was going on? Jessica just realized that she was in love, now she was sure of who she was in love with. She looked at Josh and said” come quickly, I have unfinished business”.

Maggi told James what had happened years ago “I never dumped you, my parents just sent me off and I had I only memorised  your home address. Dad insisted I start a new life and ensured I kept busy. I wrote you letters but never got a reply. I later found out from my mum that my dad, had contacted your folks and told them he didn’t want you near their daughter and they did what was best. You didn’t know did you? James shook his head. It all made sense now. His parents kept telling him she was no good and now she had gone abroad, she was going to get into drugs or prostitution. Maggi continues “James that’s all in the past but maybe life is giving us a second chance. Do you love this Jessica, are you sure she loves you too?

Gosh, James was in a fix, what a question. This was the first time, he had hesitated when he was asked. Of course he loved Jessica, that’s why he proposed and that’s why they were getting married. From the moment they met, they knew that there was something special and they let it grow but why was his heart beating so fast, cold feet? He was just about to tell Maggi of his undying love for Jessica when Maggi kissed him again.

Jessica and Josh were looking around, Josh was just confused, she hadn’t said a word, and he didn’t know why Jessica had brought him to James’s BE, what was going on? He was about to ask Jessica what they were up to, when he heard her cry out “James what are you doing?” Josh looked and froze. James pushed Maggi away. Maggi looked down. Jessica turned and walked away, James and Josh running behind her. Maggi felt stupid.

“Jessica wait” Jessica stopped and looked at both men. Josh standing strong and James with all the love in his eyes and begging to explain.  “I’m listening” Jessica said almost in tears.  “I’m sorry Jess, it might sound strange but it’s not what you think. That’s Maggi, remember? She walked in and to cut the long story short, she kissed me, I didn’t kiss her. I love you and only you. She was only trying to get me back, after all these years” Jessica couldn’t believe this, was he for real but then, she said to herself, think. James had never lied to her, why he would lie now? Josh felt he had to say something. He had to win this girl, this was his last chance.

‘’ Jessica, I’m here for you, choose me, I will never hurt you” James turned around, he was shocked. Here he was trying to win his woman back and her so-called friend had the nerve. So many things ran through his mind.  He knew they were best friends but did he just hear Josh say, he loved Jess? he went to punch him, and Jessica rushed and stopped him. “Listen, James , Josh is just my friend you know that, I got a little confused but” ,Josh was surprised, he couldn’t believe his ears, she turned around told Josh, she was sorry and explained she didn’t say she was giving up James for him, she brought him here for a reason. Then she looked at James, with all the love in her eyes and said “I love you, you are the one, without any doubt” their lips locked. Maggi looked away, sad and happy at the same time. True love won. Checking Josh out, she decided to ask him, if he wanted a coffee, you never know…