Henry didn’t like to say goodbye. Each time he had to , he feared it would be definite. Goodbye sounded like forever.. He preferred to say” Till we meet again”. He love Hadiza so much because she was kind , gentle ,well-mannered and she drove him crazy with her sexy voice and dreamy eyes.  Another plus was all his friends loved her but their religious arguments and some other cultural issues always drove them apart. They just couldn’t argue to disagree with no hard feelings when it came to those issues.They both took it personally and were very sensitive about their faith and culture.

However he just didn’t know how to tell her goodbye. They had gone steady now 7 months: the point where the test of relationships always comes and this test he wanted so badly to pass but it seemed it wasn’t going to happen. He pondered if they would remain friends, he pondered if he should talk to her about this or just disappear like a coward. He was confused. He knew how closure was important to most women but he feared he would look into her eyes and be lost again.

Hadiza had made up her mind it was over. She was tired of the constant arguments over silly issues with Henry,as she would say but he would insist they were not silly. She had dated men in her past who didn’t even love her this much but religion never came between them. She wondered if he truly loved her. She realized that love not enough. She remembered how often he promised her that their relationship would last forever , and she told him , time would tell. She scolded herself,” gosh! emotions often get a hold of you”.She would end it now before it gets harder. She had to.


Love is sometimes complicated..

Dotun is a young successful business man. He started his company from scratch. At 32 he seemed not to be able to stay in love. He was told that true love lasts forever but he wondered what he felt for all the woman he had dated in the past because the longer he stayed in the relationship, the less he felt. He felt the love fading away and sometimes he would tell them at the beginning he prayed the relationship would last but of course it ended.

His friends had once suggested he saw a therapist. There was something in his past he had not let go of. He was surely holding on to pain that did not necessarily have to do with the women he had dated but everything that had to do with why he could not stay in love even when the woman loved him unconditionally. A childhood painful memory perhaps,a rejection,an accident, fear,insecurity,inferiority complex,unforgiveness,bitterness. It could be one or all. He had to speak to someone.

He knew he had issues but so did everyone else. He was not happy some days, some people said he was moody but whenever he was hanging out with friends and business partners he was the life of the party but when alone in his apartment,he was unhappy, negative thoughts often triggered in his head. He was not content with almost everything going on in his life.He wondered if he would get married, when he would have kids. He really needed a family for some stability. He felt something was missing in his life. However he was not sure if he wanted to get married to get rid of loneliness and have kids or he was actually looking for a woman who would complement him and together they would be complete.

As these thoughts triggered in his head, he wondered if there was really something wrong with him. Why did he feel so low and feel so high?The only person who understood him was his mum and even her sometimes,he could not be completely honest. He talked to God sometimes but he had missed it along the way. Attending church was not his thing at the moment. He would rather watch sports  or drink or simply bury himself in his work. He was not one for casual sex either. In fact he was celibate for 3 years now. He just wanted more. Sex was cheap.

Bimkpe  a 36-year-old , teacher was sitting at her desk ,daydreaming about true love. She sighed. How she wished she could turn back the hands of time. She had only been in love once and when she was so young. They were both naive and did not know what they wanted out of life. They had to part and when they met again five years later,he still was not ready. She gave up on him and decided to give herself chance to fall in love again.  Bimkpe had,had several suitors over the years,right from the age of 14. She counted.. at least 9 men had asked for her hand in marriage and she had turned 8 down and the only one she could have married,his mum did not like her at all. She swore never to get into a family in which the folks did not love her. She decided to write down the qualities in the man ,she wanted to marry and wrote down what she had to offer him. She only wanted to marry because of love and companionship and not because of what the man had to offer, or children. She wanted a man ,she would love even at his worst, who would also accept her imperfections. She was looking for a man,who would have his heart,locked in hers.

Dotun had to pick up his brother’s kid from school. Tunde had just called that his wife was ill and he had to take her to the clinic and pleaded with him to go pick his son up. Dotun did not mind. One would expect him to send a driver but he drove down to the school and asked for Gbenga and there he saw Bimkpe.

Dotun smiled like he had never before, he just did not know what overcame him. He went up to her and said, hi!  Bimkpe was kind of startled ,she had never seen him before and wondered who he was. He introduced himself and then she became at ease. She remained professional and handed him Gbenga and wished him a lovely day. However when she went home,she wondering why he was smiling so much and smiled too. Hmmm.

Dotun could not take his mind off the woman he just met. She made him smile. He was so grateful to Tunde and called him up to ask if he could pick Gbenga up the next time he was free. Tunde smiled and asked him,what was up. He confessed ,he liked the teacher. Tunde told him, from what he had heard she was lovely but hard. No nonsense. If he wanted her ,he had to be sure to all the way, Dotun said he was ready.

Dotun and Bimkpe became inseparable when they both had spare time. It was a magical period for both of them. She went with him to see a counsellor when she noticed he was often moody and needed help. She was happy that he knew it and was working on it. She also became a better person. She was always impatient but with him,she learned patience. The best part was, there was no distraction. No other guy or girl in the way.They both had met whom they wanted and stayed together. They also decided to seek God in their relationship and ensured they involved him all the way. It was not easy all the time but God makes all things beautiful in his time and 3 years later,they welcomed little Dotun and Bimkpe…

Love Comes Softly

Matilda was pregnant again and she knew it was stupid. She told herself that the pills would work but just realized she had missed some days. Looking at the results,she was saddened by the thoughts of another abortion. She had to have an abortion because she was not sure if she was pregnant for Jack or Henry,there seemed to be no other way.

Matilda had been heartbroken several times by men who claimed to love her, so she had to wisen up. She was dating two good guys same time for about a year now and was hoping that one of the relationships would lead to marriage. Prior to her becoming a two timing girl, Matilda was a sweet girl with good morals. She did not believe in sex before marriage and was a regular church goer until she met Ben.

Just the mention of his name made her curse. She prayed daily God to pay him back for all the pain he had caused. He left her standing at the altar after dating for 2 years. He suddenly realized he was not happy in the relationship. According to the letter he wrote, it was not working but he did not know how to tell her. He also told her in had lost the feeling. He had met someone and hoped she would forgive him someday. He also wrote,she deserved better, she was a beautiful,caring girl who any man would be proud to have ,the only problem he had was, he just could not go all the way and he did not want to hurt her.

How ridiculous that was! Matilda wept for days,weeks,months and then decided to move on. Ben did come back by the way,claiming it was cold feet but by then ,she had met Jack and Henry ,so she told him off. She still loved him, had forgiven him but what hurt her was that he lied to her and was not man enough to tell her the truth ,she figured anytime he felt distant from her ,he would leave the marriage in the future. Matilta believes that love is a choice because it is beyond the feelings. The worst part is they never had any fights. Everything seemed perfect.

Matilda brought herself back to reality , what was she going to do now?

Jack was getting ready to go to work. He had fond thoughts for Matilda but he really did not love her. He thought about the best way to let her go. She was a nice girl after all and he did not want to hurt her ,especially as she had told him about her last experience. He did not want to put her through such pain again. As he sat there pondering,his phone rang. It was Matilda.. She sounded serious, she had to see him urgently. He was surprised. He just told her to come over.

Matilda hesitated as she told Jack ,she was pregnant. She did not know what to expect,so she just hoped, he would say something positive. Unfortunately that was not the case. He told her, he was not ready for a family. He was sorry but she should decide if she wanted to have the baby or get rid of it.

Crying her eyes out, Matilda left his house. She did not want another abortion. She wanted this baby desperately but she did not want to be a single parent. She blamed herself for being in this predicament and blamed Ben. If only they got married as planned,she would not have been here today.

Wiping her eyes she had to go meet Henry. She knew of the two,Henry was a better man. She knew he was, because he was always so kind ,attentive,very generous and supportive. And although he was rich, he had no airs.  As she got to his house, she found him and his secretary having sex. She froze. She had let herself in as always and she did not expect him to be home at 2pm. He tried to explain but she just ran away, leaving his house keys behind. Matida went home and locked herself in for several days and told her office,she had a family emergency.

She never heard from Jack again. Henry called several times but she did not pick up. She had to get rid of the pain and shame and accept she put herself in this situation. First she had to go to the hospital to do some tests. She had to be sure ,she had not contracted any STD and be sure the baby was fine.

As she walked into the hospital, she bumped into Ben. He looked at her and smiled, he was so glad to see her but all she could do was stare and the next thing she knew was she was on the hospital bed.  As she woke up Ben told her she was the woman in the world and congratulated her about her pregnancy. Matilda burst into tears and began telling him everything ,he was quiet all through.

As soon as she was done, Ben prayed for her and told her he was going to check on her the next day. She could not believe what was happening. Ben prayed for her and was coming the next day? Well she told herself she could not trust him besides, after all the love they shared ,he ran away,but Ben surprised her, he came back the next day as promised with lunch and they chatted for a long time. He began to tell her of how he had found God and had become a better person. He was not the Ben she knew that broke her heart. He apologized and begged her to forgive him and asked her to date him again. He promised that this time it would be different.

Matilda stared at him and could not believe her ears. She was pregnant and was not sure who the father was. Ben knew all that and was willing to date her again. She told herself it was a trick and perhaps his guilt was the reason he decided to date her or worse,he was dying. She was not going to be fooled a second time. She asked him to leave. He pleaded for her to give it a thought and kissed her on her forehead. She still could not believe it. Ben had become gentle. This was too good to be true.

Meanwhile Henry had come in person to ask for forgiveness, it was a moment of weakness. He was willing to marry her and all, he wanted her.  Matilda was getting confused because ,now she had to choose between Ben and Henry. On one hand Ben was the jerk who dumped her but was now a changed man and Henry was a man who cheated on her but then again ,she had cheated too. She took a deep breath and only could follow her heart.

Ben did not relent with his wooing her. Days went by and he was consistent. She did everything she could to push him away but all he did was show her love and compassion. He was patient and understanding. They prayed together, went to church together and she began to love herself again. She realized she had gotten into this self hate because she could not deal with the problem but focused of the person who hurt her, she felt free. She realised he was her hero, how ironic and she decided to let go of her pain.

Ben and Matilda fell in love again and this time it was stronger than the first time. They had worked on themselves, became grounded in God and when it was time for Matilda to give birth ,Ben was standing right there. Matida gave birth to a beautiful girl who Ben adopted immediately.

Love exists in so many ways..

Was it love?

It was Christmas again and Sade couldn’t bear the pain. Several days had gone by but it still hurt so badly. Each time she talked about it with her close friends and family, they could tell she was distraught but holding back the tears. The tears only flowed down freely when she was alone. She was one who did not like to show emotions. Amaka her friend was worried because Sade had never been heartbroken, she worried if she could handle this. Sade always felt she could fix everything. She loved solving people’s problems even when they didn’t ask! All she does is to make people happy.

Amaka walked into Sade’s room and saw Sade looking out the window. Amaka offered to make dinner,Sade showed her the bowl of ice-cream, she just ate, coupled with the bars of chocolates, cake and rice with loads of chicken. She assured Amaka she wasn’t going to starve because of the heartbreak. She was on holiday; she was going to have fun in spite of it all but just then ,John Legends’ “All of you” played on the radio. It was their song. He often dedicated that song to her. Sade broke down and cried. How didn’t she see this coming? How does love turn to hate in a split of a second? Did he ever love her? What is the meaning of all this? Why now? It was just a month to the wedding. This was all new to her; the concept of being dumped.. She was the one always  offering advice to friends when they got dumped or ended their relationships and it always worked. Now she wasn’t even in the mood to follow her own advice to move on. She felt like wallowing in self-pity. She felt used, unappreciated, humiliated;she felt so weak, she who was so strong. She was broken.

Why couldn’t he dump her decently? They could have ended it amicably. She didn’t understand. She was overwhelmed.
Amaka hated seeing her friend like this. She wept with her and told her, ”God knows best”. Sade lit up a little, she knew God was always with her but this hurt was too deep but then again in her head she was comforted by these thoughts, “people are going through a lot more pain, sickness, death, loss and this was her challenge, she would get over it” She had to. She decided to forget her pain and be grateful at least, she fell in love,truly,madly ,deeply and she had changed, which was a plus.
How it all began? It was a beautiful day, the stars were aligned, Alfredo said “hello” upon meeting her at the airport. Their flight was grounded and they spent the entire night chatting away and of course the kiss that lingered in her heart after over a year. They parted and kept in touch occasionally but neither of them wanted to pursue a long-distance relationship. As fate would have it, Sade went abroad to study in Italy and decided to send a message to Alfredo in France. He didn’t reply immediately and she had almost lost hope when several hours later, he replied and said “Hey where have you been? Let’s chat on WhatsApp”. Sade still remembers that day and it brings smiles to her face. And that’s how they hit it off, just like they hadn’t been apart. The reconnection was great. It seemed like they were in the same place mentally and after a month of text chatting and skyping, he asked her out. Without hesitations, Sade said yes! She had been waiting to date him and now although they were apart, she figured they could make it work. They were just an hour’s flight apart and although she hated long-distance as much as he did but she was in school and he worked, so it seemed ok and already planned Christmas together for their first meet in almost 2 years.
They both had similar strong personalities and background, he was heady and so was she. It bothered her sometimes but Sade had always accepted people as they were and hoped she would get acceptance and so far so good. Her past relationships often ended because she didn’t see a future, there was one however she kind of felt, she should have given it a shot but she learned from that experience and said, she wasn’t going to miss this chance because Alfredo was simply amazing. He was a surprise. He had a good heart, charming, faithful, hardworking, strong, good cook, neat, smart,intelligent, handsome ,good kisser, fun to be with when not moody..hahahaha , she could go on.
Christmas was lovely; the sparks were there, just like the first night. The feeling was mutual, the butterflies in the belly and when she heard those words the first time, “I love you” it was like magic. He was spiritual.. He prayed with her. It was simply beautiful. Several months went by so quickly, everything seemed to be moving fast, meeting family, friends, and it was perfect: just what she prayed for. The best part was, everyone was nice and they liked her. Then the proposal; it was simple but nice and although they had been fighting, her heart skipped a beat each time she looked at him, and when he asked, all she could say was yes.She felt so lucky.
The honeymoon phase had passed and now it was time to test the love. The fights were getting more often and taking longer time to resolve. The major issues were communication and misunderstandings which one party didn’t let go of, as the same issues kept coming up. At first, Alfredo was sweet about the fights even when she was stubborn to apologize, he would tell her when they lived together it was going to end. Distance was the culprit. He often reassured her of his unending love as she reaffirmed hers. He said to her when she came back to him,he knew she was the one. He believed the word from God that they belonged together. He had a confirmation they were to be married and they would have 2 boys.

However, it was gradually becoming an emotional roller coaster relationship, the sad part was from being sweet about the fights he became bitter, he would get upset and threaten breakup with her or resort to ultimatums. Sade became frustrated,she didn’t know what to do or say to please him anymore. Only once did he apologize for saying such things and for overreacting, subsequent fights, Sade had to do the apologizing and reconciliation. That’s when she knew it something was wrong. She could not understand what she was doing wrong.Had he met someone else and was losing his patience?Hmm.

Sade told herself, courtship was a woman’s best time of her life; to be wooed and showered utmost affection. In return she would give herself wholly and be loyal forever but it was hard. She often wondered if she wasn’t good enough for him and wondered why he proposed if he had doubts still. He even proposed a second time, with a beautiful ring and perfect destination. The best day of her life;it was everything she dreamed of but why was the only thing that came to his mind when they had a fight would be to opt out? Why didn’t he remember her good?his promises? She was very loving, caring and supportive. She would share  her last dime if she had to. She loved him and his family and he knew it but perhaps that wasn’t enough. She felt maybe he just felt he couldn’t control her. She was very independent but she needed him; perhaps he needed a subservient woman. Then again, she asked herself, if he knew he wanted that kind of woman why did he pick her? She was confused.

To be fair on Alfredo, Sade was a handful sometimes, she gave criticism and accepted some even though she would raise an eyebrow about it but Alfredo didn’t like that. If you were a very sensitive and emotional person, you probably wouldn’t be able to stand her sometimes but that was Sade, just showing tough love when she had to. Sade is assertive, honest,very opinionated but blunt and short-tempered. However Alfredo wasn’t without flaws either. He had rage, kept a grudge ,and loved to give her the silent treatment. He was also assertive and very opinionated and that is why,sometimes the difference in opinions got in the way. At first she didn’t notice his anger but in time, it blew up in her face.
Alfredo was talking to his friend Timi about Sade. He felt blessed to have her. She came into his life when he needed someone. He was tired of being alone and was ready for family. He loved her but sometimes wondered if he was in love or it was just the idea of love. Her sharp mouth he couldn’t stand and he felt disrespected sometimes when she snapped because she yelled! She would say things he didn’t quite understand, although he knew she didn’t mean any harm but when it played back in his head, it was just so annoying. He didn’t want a divorce and he feared he would divorce her some day because of these attributes.He also felt she was too business-like in her relations with him.She had worked before pursuing her masters and he wondered if she knew the difference. She also was not a spring chick, ( she looked younger than her age) but he also feared she wasn’t keen about getting kids right away.She often talked about finding work than having kids. He was having doubts,insecurities and fear crept in.Timi told him, it is better to have a broken engagement than a broken marriage and he agreed.

He was going see her soon and he hoped nothing would go wrong. He had a lot going on in his mind: he needed to make money, he also wanted to get a new job, they needed a house, and he needed money for the wedding. It was driving him crazy and although Sade often told him not to worry “what was hers was his and what was his was hers’’’ he just didn’t see how they could make it. She always helped, even when he would say no, she would insist. He loved that about her but it also made him angry. He felt sometimes that was why she was proud or wouldn’t respect him. He was confused. Her personality was always clashing with his. He felt he wasn’t good for her sometimes. He wondered why she accepted the proposal. At first, she was slow about getting married( he felt she didn’t want to marry him) then she switched from being slow to being pushy about the way the wedding should be. In her head,she was trying to plan properly and she just wanted to know him first. She also took time before she opened up. He wondered if that was her or she didn’t trust him enough. He realized he didn’t know her well enough.Was she just settling or did she really love him?

He also wondered if they had things in common. Sure they both loved chilling at home, working out,dancing, cooking, and listening to the same music and had same interest for movies,had same values and principles  but she had no interest in football!( although she was trying). Then sex too, he was more adventurous than her, he worried if she would ever let him explore.Could he give that up? The price of love seemed too high. Timi told him, time resolves that, staying together builds togetherness; you will find out more things and create commonalities. No two people are same. Love binds people together. Open and honest communication is the key to a successful relationship,even when it came to sex.

So many thoughts in his head.Why did he propose, was it just emotions? He ended the relationship upon her last visit for real, it’s just his mum and everyone told him to save the relationship, they had come so far. They both had made sacrifices in the relationship, why should just silly arguments get in the way? It was just the devil. He was to look at the bigger picture. She was going to be a great mother and wife. She was spiritual, generous, beautiful, hardworking and intelligent. What more could he ask for? Marriage was about patience and tolerance. She his helper,there to complement him and even as he didn’t want to accept that,she did.
Sade went to visit Alfredo after they had just made up the second time in a month. The second time, she actually told him perhaps they should sit down and talk if they should break up. It was the first time she had said that but it was her emotions. He had planted the seed of doubt over time by mentioning it each time they had a fight. Although she wondered if they would ever stop fighting. When he would finally get it they were not in competition? He was her man, she was his woman. They were equals, simple. She was under his authority as a co-pilot and still learning submission. She loved him,wanted to have kids, and live with him forever. All she wanted was, to add value and plan well to secure their future.

Sade had been through so much suffering as a child and vowed ,she won’t ever go through that again. Anyways, thank goodness they resolved that fight and now she just needed to see him badly, to hold him and kiss him. She felt distant from him. The bond was loose, she could sense he hadn’t let go of the previous fight and didn’t know what else to do. All she prayed for was to hug him and hope it was going to be ok. She never stopped praying for their relationship and was excited that soon they would live together! She needed him,she felt complete with him.She had never had so much peace in her heart about a man. Little did she know, it was all going to come to an end.
They had just walked into a fast-food restaurant to relax as her flight was still 4 hours away, they both spotted a vacant seat at the same time, it was full, she understood he wanted her to secure the seat but then he asked her to go drop her bag and she said “’I’m ok” he insisted she should go sit there and later join him in the queue when he got close to order and his tone was harsh and he was visibly upset. Sade went to sit but was upset and surprised he would instruct her like that.

However, she did as she was told, hoping he would notice her frown and come over. To her dismay he sends a message on bbm asking how she would notice when he got closer to order if since she wasn’t looking. Sade explained she was upset about what just happened and asked him to please order anything he liked for her. He got upset and then they went back and forth over if she was coming or he leaving the queue and to resolve this issue, Sade said, she was no longer hungry, so they could leave. Alfredo starts yelling as they get into the car. Using his favorite line “I can’t take this bullshit anymore”  Sade was shocked,she couldn’t believe it but kept quiet until he mentioned ,dropping her off at the airport, she explained that her flight was still hours away but if that’s what he wants it was ok.

Alfredo drove straight to the airport and dropped her off. Still shocked beyond words ,Sade looked for food to eat. She was still trying to replay everything in her mind, trying to figure out what was eating him up, trying to figure out what she had done,and then his messages on bbm appeared. It was another breakup message but this time, it sounded final because he mentioned sending her stuff back. The only thought that came to her mind was to delete him from bbm, for her peace of mind. She just could not deal with that at that time,it was too much hate.Didn’t he want her to arrive safely in Italy? What if it was her last day on earth, those hurtful words are the words he would have said to a woman he said he loved for over a year. She deleted him from bbm and that set him off further. The events that followed afterwards lead to him dropping off her stuff at her friend’s place, wrapped in a very strange manner.

All she wanted was for him to be happy,even if it was not with her. She wanted to remind him of their beginning but then she pondered ,is there any need fighting for someone who doesn’t want to be with you? He obviously didn’t want to see her,ever again. Was it love?

A blast from the past, A friend or a lover?

“Jessica you are beautiful, inside and out. Everything about you makes me love you more and more. Don’t push me away. I need you and want you, don’t want to live one single day without you. You complete me. Please say, yes” , Jessica sighed, as she lay there, reminiscing. She couldn’t give James an answer just yet. She still had unfinished business with Josh. Speaking out loud she said” why won’t he just tell me if he loved me? ” Franka turned around to her dear friend and asked” Is it Josh or James? ” choose my dear friend…choose.
Jessica was so nervous; she was pacing up and down  the corridor, waiting for Josh to show up. She had no clue how to begin and she hadn’t told him why he was to show up. She took a deep breath and she didn’t even have time to exhale, Josh was staring at her with those charming eyes and open arms saying “what’s wrong beauty? I can tell you got a whole lot you wanna spill, so shoot” and then she froze, she had no idea what she wanted to say and she just wanted to be in his arms, where she felt safe always. Running into his arms she said “Josh, I love you do you love me?” Josh couldn’t believe his ears, he looked at her and was confused, he asked about James (wrong thing to say) and that ruined the moment. Jessica was mad and angrily, she asked him to leave and never come back, she was marrying James in a week!
Vivian was laying down on her bed, crying. Why couldn’t Josh see how much she loved him, why was he always talking about Jessica? The same Jessica that is about to marry some guy called James. They were in the middle of a nice conversation and he suddenly got off the bed to attend to Jessica. Vivian got thinking, does she break up with Josh before he dumps her for Jessica, she knew that was going to happen, sooner or later. Josh on the other hand was walking home to Vivian, how he wished Jessica told him this sooner, he loved her so much but Vivian was in his life now and they had been going steady, few months, he just didn”t know what to do. Meanwhile, Jessica was thinking about how to run away from both James and Josh, she had given up on love and relationships, it was all too complicated for her, loving two men and the one she would love to spend the rest of her life with, couldn’t just say those words, she knew he loved her but why was he scared? Jessica wrote a note for James, telling him to put a hold on the wedding, she needed time to think, her hand was shaking as she was writing, she did love him but was just so confused, she needed time. James was out hanging out with his boys, they were getting high and drinking…It was a week to the wedding his friends reminded him,It was time to get wild and as he was indulging a strikingly beautiful girl,walked up to him and said “‘ James ,I can’t believe this is you! You were my first love in high school! It’s me,Maggi”‘ and then the memories flooded in..
James kissed Maggi back, he couldn’t understand why he was doing this. At this moment, he just couldn’t think. His hands caressing her and feeling her curves, he was lost completely, then suddenly he remembered, he was getting married,he pushed Maggi gently away. Maggi got upset, was he shy?she looked around and suddenly realised this must be a party of some sort, was it his birthday? was he moving away and before she could think about it a little longer, James spoke up, ” I’m so sorry Maggi, I’m getting married in a week, this is my bachelor’s party” , words cannot describe how Maggi felt, she was heartbroken.. Why was she always unlucky? She just got dumped and left Germany praying to find love back home and just when she finds her one true only love he happens to be engaged. Fate! ” Damn fate” she cried out loud. James pulled her to a corner, to have a chat. Meanwhile, Jessica was on a plane, she was going through pictures, those with her and James, she also went through pictures of her and Josh, she loved Josh more she concluded but her head told her ” love is not enough” she sighed. What was she doing? running away to find answers that she probably won’t find elsewhere, this was just stupid, she decided to get off the plane…Josh was so worried, he was at the airport he was praying that by some chance he would see Jess, knowing Jess so well, he knew she would run, anytime, she was having doubts in her relationships over the years, she would first come to him, then run.. Now he wanted her to run no more, it was time, she stayed safe in his arms

Jessica was lost in her thoughts and walking aimlessly at the airport, not sure if she should crash James’s bachelor’s party or just go have drinks with her friends, shaking her head and wondering why love was so complicated, she looked up and saw Josh, her heart stopped. Josh, just ran to her and kissed her like his life depended on it ” Jessica, thank God I found you, I love you, always have and always will “, Jessica didn’t know if she should cry, laugh or simply scream, she got off the plane to be with James and now Josh was there, telling her what she wanted and needed to hear, was fate playing a trick on her, damn!

“Jessica say something” those were the words that brought her back to reality. She had to pinch herself “this is real” now she had heard it. What was going on? Jessica just realized that she was in love, now she was sure of who she was in love with. She looked at Josh and said” come quickly, I have unfinished business”.

Maggi told James what had happened years ago “I never dumped you, my parents just sent me off and I had I only memorised  your home address. Dad insisted I start a new life and ensured I kept busy. I wrote you letters but never got a reply. I later found out from my mum that my dad, had contacted your folks and told them he didn’t want you near their daughter and they did what was best. You didn’t know did you? James shook his head. It all made sense now. His parents kept telling him she was no good and now she had gone abroad, she was going to get into drugs or prostitution. Maggi continues “James that’s all in the past but maybe life is giving us a second chance. Do you love this Jessica, are you sure she loves you too?

Gosh, James was in a fix, what a question. This was the first time, he had hesitated when he was asked. Of course he loved Jessica, that’s why he proposed and that’s why they were getting married. From the moment they met, they knew that there was something special and they let it grow but why was his heart beating so fast, cold feet? He was just about to tell Maggi of his undying love for Jessica when Maggi kissed him again.

Jessica and Josh were looking around, Josh was just confused, she hadn’t said a word, and he didn’t know why Jessica had brought him to James’s BE, what was going on? He was about to ask Jessica what they were up to, when he heard her cry out “James what are you doing?” Josh looked and froze. James pushed Maggi away. Maggi looked down. Jessica turned and walked away, James and Josh running behind her. Maggi felt stupid.

“Jessica wait” Jessica stopped and looked at both men. Josh standing strong and James with all the love in his eyes and begging to explain.  “I’m listening” Jessica said almost in tears.  “I’m sorry Jess, it might sound strange but it’s not what you think. That’s Maggi, remember? She walked in and to cut the long story short, she kissed me, I didn’t kiss her. I love you and only you. She was only trying to get me back, after all these years” Jessica couldn’t believe this, was he for real but then, she said to herself, think. James had never lied to her, why he would lie now? Josh felt he had to say something. He had to win this girl, this was his last chance.

‘’ Jessica, I’m here for you, choose me, I will never hurt you” James turned around, he was shocked. Here he was trying to win his woman back and her so-called friend had the nerve. So many things ran through his mind.  He knew they were best friends but did he just hear Josh say, he loved Jess? he went to punch him, and Jessica rushed and stopped him. “Listen, James , Josh is just my friend you know that, I got a little confused but” ,Josh was surprised, he couldn’t believe his ears, she turned around told Josh, she was sorry and explained she didn’t say she was giving up James for him, she brought him here for a reason. Then she looked at James, with all the love in her eyes and said “I love you, you are the one, without any doubt” their lips locked. Maggi looked away, sad and happy at the same time. True love won. Checking Josh out, she decided to ask him, if he wanted a coffee, you never know…