Henry didn’t like to say goodbye. Each time he had to , he feared it would be definite. Goodbye sounded like forever.. He preferred to say” Till we meet again”. He love Hadiza so much because she was kind , gentle ,well-mannered and she drove him crazy with her sexy voice and dreamy eyes.  Another plus was all his friends loved her but their religious arguments and some other cultural issues always drove them apart. They just couldn’t argue to disagree with no hard feelings when it came to those issues.They both took it personally and were very sensitive about their faith and culture.

However he just didn’t know how to tell her goodbye. They had gone steady now 7 months: the point where the test of relationships always comes and this test he wanted so badly to pass but it seemed it wasn’t going to happen. He pondered if they would remain friends, he pondered if he should talk to her about this or just disappear like a coward. He was confused. He knew how closure was important to most women but he feared he would look into her eyes and be lost again.

Hadiza had made up her mind it was over. She was tired of the constant arguments over silly issues with Henry,as she would say but he would insist they were not silly. She had dated men in her past who didn’t even love her this much but religion never came between them. She wondered if he truly loved her. She realized that love not enough. She remembered how often he promised her that their relationship would last forever , and she told him , time would tell. She scolded herself,” gosh! emotions often get a hold of you”.She would end it now before it gets harder. She had to.



Sunrise or Hope


He smiled as she said her name again, she was such a beauty and her innocence was what made him so drawn to her. Yet he felt he was doing something wrong. Segun lost his wife 2 years ago and he wasn’t sure he should have a love interest so soon.

She smiled as he looked at her with his dreamy eyes, she wondered what he was thinking about. She was happy because she had met someone who didn’t want anything else but just know her and of course,” stare”… hahaha… she laughed. It had been 3 years she hadn’t dated , not because of betrayal or anything of that sort. She was saving herself for the best, “The One” as she heard her married friends say.. Suddenly she looked at Segun, he was handsome but of age.  She guessed he was in his late 40’s and wondered what was his story. She could tell sadness behind those eyes but she hoped she would help ,ease the pain and make him feel alive again… She wanted to save him because she needed saving too… However she was a little hesitant;would he accept her and her story if he knew?

Bold, Beautiful and Bossy

Miriam , that is what everyone called her. She was the 3 B’s… Bold ,Beautiful and Bossy. Yes and she didn’t mind flaunting it. She attributed her assertiveness to leadership. She once told us that it came from her many years of directing, coaching and bringing up her siblings. We would laugh.

We were such good friends until, Bayo came between us. I often joked that he would. I kind of saw it coming but didn’t want to believe our childhood friendship would be crushed because of love. Yes, because of stupid love. I was bitter, still bitter, as I wrote.

Bayo was one of those charming guys, who knew exactly what to say to get exactly what he wanted.  Miriam at that time was already engaged to Mike, our childhood friend and part of our inner circle. Mike was her first and was going to be her last! We just couldn’t forgive her for the betrayal. How could she do that? Bayo wasn’t special!

Hmm… Why do I remember? Miriam is in a coma and that should be my focus but perhaps I was worried she wouldn’t wake up and I couldn’t say all the things I had kept buried in my heart for 3 years.

Oh my time flies! It was 5 days  since the incident and Bayo was still AWOL. I kept asking myself,how could beat her and set the house on fire? I couldn’t wrap my head around it but I couldn’t help but say, ” I told her”.girl in pain

Love and the Sheets

Their moaning could wake up the entire neighborhood but they couldn’t be bothered. It was as if it was their first time.. Their eyes locked and then she closed her eyes in sheer pleasure… He was lost in her warm embrace and as he went deeper all he could say was” I love you” . Yes, he did, so passionately. He had waited so long and finally they were here on their wedding night and it was simply magical…


He lay awake with thoughts of her as he heard ” Adele’s Hello”

How apt the song was of his present situation with Agatha

It had been so long he cried , he really missed her stress

He wondered how she was and decided to call but changed his mind

He hurt her so bad; she didn’t deserve him, he said to himself

No-one did, he simply wasn’t deserving of a girl like Agatha

Agatha looked out the window and sighed..It’s been long since she heard from Nonso

Oh Nonso , ” the one that got away” … His boyish charms made him so sexy.

Memories of their times together kept flashing back

It was that time of the year when she reflected on her relationships

It was that time of the year ,she would miss him and do nothing about it.. then ” Adele Hello” played.. she smiled

How apt the song was.. the only thing is he did call a thousand times but she couldn’t forgive him and she knew it was late

Time was moving too fast for them..

Or is it?

Love versus Reality


Hmm, Regina sighed heavily. She was sad but happy. Happy because she was alive and as her dad always said , ” once there is life, there is hope “.. She said to herself ,she was not going to be depressed, she sure wasn’t ! but it had been several months since the love of her life died. She still remembered as if it was yesterday. He had just kissed her goodbye, as he left for work and she was in such a foul mood that day. It hurt so bad. Life is so unpredictable ; not knowing if that would be the last time, the last kiss  or  the last look. She cried a little and then dried her eyes. It was his dad that called to tell her he got a call from the hospital. Till today ,she wondered why her number was not his emergency contact. Anyways, she had to move on. Thinking or remembering him was not helping,although she knew she would remember him forever.

She thought about her first love, Vincent. He often joked they would end up together. She got mad at him when they were younger : Their constant fighting got to her. He was so immature and he wouldn’t accept it. She was often childish too but expected him not to be ,as he was her man… and that’ s how they would fight nonstop. It was so annoying but she had missed him greatly.

Looking at his Facebook page ,she noticed he was seeing someone. She wondered if she should ask him if they were serious but she also wondered if he would want her back.  Those thoughts were killing her but she prayed and decided to give him a call.. As the phone rang, her heart skipped..

Vincent was chilling at home  with his friends talking about women and men and their differences. He wondered if he should propose to Sally. She stood by him over the years and tolerated him in spite of his silliness. Something he remembered Regina wouldn’t tolerate. He imagined if Regina was there ,she probably would have asked him to tell the boys to go home ,so they could cuddle.. lol. He laughed. She was really weird sometimes but that’s what he loved about her. Just at that moment , he looked at his phone, he could not believe it.. Regina was calling. His heart stopped, he was torn between taking the call or letting it go to voice-mail… He hushed the guys and said,” you won`t believe it but Regina is calling! what do I do?”

Love versus reality.. He could marry Sally and wonder  forever what kind of marriage he could have had with Regina  or end it with Sally and marry Regina, the love of his life and be willing to stand her, no matter what…

Unexpected love

stock-footage-young-business-woman-in-office-texting-on-cell-phoneMary was looking for something casual because she did not have time to date.. She was a workaholic and she lived so far away from eligible men, so her friends would always say. Her colleagues described her as sweet but yet she could not find love. She would often smile and tell them, she was married to her work that’s why she was single and was certainly in no rush. She was only going to marry for love and in any case, most men she had met didn’t possess the qualities she was looking for. She pondered sometimes about  what men really wanted from women, she was lost to what it was.. She needed a modern man who just loved her as he loved himself, was successful and was a great conversationalist . There were too many boring men out there who only talked about sports. She was a hopeless romantic but most times the men she had dated didn’t have time to discover that and ran away from her because she couldn’t give them the attention required. Her tiny secret ,was she was a virgin at 30 and was not going to give it away, just like that, plus she had heard men today expected women to know everything in bed: It was such a hassle! So for now ,Mary was content being married to her work until Dumo came along.

Dumo had been exchanging work emails with Mary and wondered how she looked.  He didn’t know why he was so drawn to the person he was corresponding with but each time they exchanged emails, he just smiled. He also was simply drawn to her name. She seemed like an enigma and he always loved a challenge. He was looking to settle down with someone extraordinary. He did not want a woman who would sit at home. He needed a match intellectually; he wanted to be stimulated by her mind not just by her looks. He always believed that love was something that would grow  and was willing to be patient for the right one.

Walking in Mary’s office  Dumo’ s heart was racing. He just hoped that once he saw her, he would know. However, Mary was not in the right  mood for her prince  charming ; she was on the  phone, engrossed with texting her mum and Dumo walked in and smiled because she  wouldn’t even raise her head to  acknowledge him  and   when she did, Mary wondered what he was smiling  about but noticed he was dangerously  handsome  and looked  great in the suit. She  gladly stood  up and  introduced herself…

Could their lonely nights be over?