Sunrise or Hope


He smiled as she said her name again, she was such a beauty and her innocence was what made him so drawn to her. Yet he felt he was doing something wrong. Segun lost his wife 2 years ago and he wasn’t sure he should have a love interest so soon.

She smiled as he looked at her with his dreamy eyes, she wondered what he was thinking about. She was happy because she had met someone who didn’t want anything else but just know her and of course,” stare”… hahaha… she laughed. It had been 3 years she hadn’t dated , not because of betrayal or anything of that sort. She was saving herself for the best, “The One” as she heard her married friends say.. Suddenly she looked at Segun, he was handsome but of age.  She guessed he was in his late 40’s and wondered what was his story. She could tell sadness behind those eyes but she hoped she would help ,ease the pain and make him feel alive again… She wanted to save him because she needed saving too… However she was a little hesitant;would he accept her and her story if he knew?


Time And Love


Amanda watched the clock tick, tick-tock, tick tock… She sighed. It was such a beautiful day and such a beautiful weather but her heart was  very lonely still.

She missed being in-love, she missed the passion, she missed the desire of being wanted, she missed caring for someone, being there for someone, she missed him so badly:”The One” who was yet to come… She desired him so desperately… She sighed and asked herself; When was it going to be midnight ,so her luck would change… Tick-tock, Tick -tock..

Joshua looked out the window… His friends had always told him ,he was a hopeless romantic.. He believed that there was one person for everyone.. The One… He believed in fate, in destiny, he believed the stars would be aligned someday and he would meet her… He figured it would be on a full moon day.. He wondered if he was such a dreamer.. Life had been cruel to him… Why couldn’t he find love? Why was it so difficult for him to be happy, for him to care for someone, to adore someone, to pamper someone… He wondered and pondered… He looked at the clock and was still early, why wont time just go quickly, he starred at the clock…Tick-tock,Tick-tock




Twinkle Twinkle

426685_424082927627752_700825732_nAmara seemed to forget constantly that she was beautiful.  She knew she was but pain had made her self-doubt and she began to lose herself. It had been 5 years, 3 days, and 21 minutes since he walked out the door and yet, she couldn’t move on. She was not only mad at herself but wondered how stupid she could be. She used to laugh out loud when she watched those Spanish movies and the two lovers would cry and part and wish they could die together.. little did she know she too would fall so madly in love and get heartbroken as well.

TJ sat there lamenting about how he hurt Amara but didn’t have the guts to see her again. He walked out on her in the most unkind way. He knew what he did was wrong but pride won’t let him talk to her. There were days he would pick up the phone and try to call but he would give up. Their love was real.. it was intense.. she was going to be the mother of his kids, they were going to live on a farm when he retired… they were going to be happy. Then what went wrong? He just couldn’t remember , all he knew was she got him so mad and he walked away and said he would never go back and didn’t . However, thoughts of her had crossed his mind recently. He had dated several women but none like Amara.. No one got him so focused.. No one could challenge him, no one loved like that and no one believed in his dreams like she did… no one was as generous… no one.. gosh , he knew he messed up but one thing he also remembered was her temper and stubbornness… that he couldn’t stand and then he laughed… He wondered how she was doing… Was she married now?

Amara told her herself, Tunde was good enough. He had been patient with her .. especially with her rules… No sex before marriage and they had been steady 6 months, but gosh …her heart did not beat when she was near him. She cried to God.. Was she just going to marry for marriage sake or remain an old maid when the one she loves didn’t want her? All she needed was a twinkle…

Wild and Free……..

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Tope had just gotten off an annoying phone call with her ex. She wondered why he just didn’t get it that it was over… they were no longer dating and  he was now only a friend. Why did he still act like he owned her? Gosh… She pondered how she began loving a man who only considered himself as supreme and every other person meant nothing. Why did she find him so attractive and yet he only made her angry.. This fatal attraction was killing her. She had to stop seeing him. Looking through her contacts ,she remembered Dapo.. A fine eloquent gentleman ,who almost swept her off her feet at some point…But then she was so blinded by her love for Tope, she couldn’t ” see” him.

Dapo was one of those guys that every girl would dream of…Tall,  dark, handsome and rich but she still feared the worse. She was never really successful with men but she told herself, she was turning 40.. She had to try, she wasn’t going to look great forever..

She prayed for a man, who would sweep her off her feet. She prayed that she wouldn’t meet a typical “African man”, she prayed she would complete him…And just as she was lost in her thoughts and her prayers…The phone rang and yep, it was Dapo…Hmmm… she sighed.. Could this be it? The truly, madly, deeply love, she so dreamed about and wanted so badly…

A Child


A child

Young or adult

A child is a child

Not knowing where to go, not knowing what to do

A child needs attention, affection and warmth

A child is a child

Soothing words make him or her smile

Being held in his mother’s or father’s arms is what he longs for

In need of discipline from his parents or parent once in a while

In need of empathy and compassion

In need of direction and guidance all the time

A child is a child

In need of his independence from his parents

In need of his freedom from a certain age

In need of his opinions ,his voice to be heard

That is why sometimes a child bursts into tears or anger tantrums

A child is a child

A child sometimes is difficult to understand

A combination of two persons

A product of genes

A child is unique

A child is a gift

A child picks cues from anything and everyone one around when growing up

That is why the early stage of a child’s life are crucial

Habits becomes behaviours and sometimes are negative but focus on the positives

A child is a child

Stubborn as a mule or gentle as a dove

The right company he needs to keep,at an early age

Training a child in the way it ought to grow

That is the way to go

Give him some responsibility ,so he learns accountability early

A child is a child

A child needs trust, comfort and security

He wants to know his family will always be there,come rain ,come shine

A child needs to be constantly reminded of love

Because once his or her feelings are hurt, will withdraw to a world of his own

A child is a child

A good child will never forget a parent that was there for him

In in their old age, he will shower them with care and love

And obey for them for the rest of his life

A child should not be neglected

A child should be respected too

A child is a child

A child is an amazing gift to the world, once you have one or several, love them equally, love like you never have and give all you have to make their dreams come true…

A Woman


A woman is a woman

Young or old,this generation or the next

Her desire is and will always be for her man

His gentle touches,tenderness and compassion

The whispers in her ears,the romantic gestures

A woman is a woman

A woman is a woman

She needs her man to hold her

To tell her, she is the most beautiful girl in the world

Even though she knows because she has confidence

A woman is a woman

A woman is a woman

She wants to help her man

Take care of him as he does for her

She needs love,adoration and respect

She needs to be treated right: as an equal not in words but especially by actions

A woman is a woman

A woman is a woman

She needs to be free

She needs to be heard

She needs to feel loved

Once she does not feel secure,she could walk away

A woman is a woman

A woman is a woman

She would do anything for her man

Fight for him,respect him,support him

Be there for him when no one is

But once you scare her off, she just might run away

A woman is a woman

A woman is a woman

When she accepts she is yours,she means it and got eyes for only you

Others may try to win her hand or seduce her with worldly riches but she will stand by you

All she needs is your acceptance

A woman is a woman

A woman is a woman

Keep seducing her, keep making her eyes shine

Make love to her as if, if were the first time, every time

Help her ,listen to her,teach her, mould her, protect her,provide for her, love her

Most especially be patient with her

A woman is a woman

When you find a woman whose smile warms your heart, be taken by that amazing woman and never let her go

A Man

taken by

A man is a man

Young or old,this generation or the next

A man needs respect ,honour and adoration

A man would do anything for a woman he loves but could walk away when his ego has been bruised

A man is a man

A man is a man

Respect to him is talking to him in a right tone

Listening to him when he speaks without interruption

A meekness he seeks

Letting him take care of you when he insists

A man is a man

A man is a man

Emotional or sensitive, recognising these moods and managing his emotions he asks

He also requires patience ,attention and understanding

He is human too, he knows his flaws and hopes he will be accepted

A man is a man

A man is a man

Recognise his strength and intelligence

Admire his successes

Do not let your mouth be tired of praise and recognition

Do not bring out his insecurities by your actions

He would fight for you even when you disapprove

A man is a man

A man is  a man

Still a child at heart, needs the bosom of his wife

For he compares you to his mother

The first woman in his life

Do not push him away with your tantrums

Sometimes he only needs ,peace and quiet

It is not always about you

A man is a man

A man is a man

He is firm in his word

Strong in his resolve to do right by you

Strong in his resolve to defend you and stand by you

He wants to teach you ,show you things you have never seen

A man is a man

A man is a man

His eyes may wander

However for you he will keep his act together

He has forsaken all others to cling unto you

Cherishing every moment spent with you

A man is a man

A man is a man

He never wants to hurt you

He understands a woman is a gift not a property

His jealousy and possessiveness is with wisdom

He does not want to share you

He only wants to love you,the way he knows how

A man is a man

A man is a man

To be your provider

To be your caretaker

To treat you like the only girl in the world

He shows you off to the world

A man is a man

A man is a man

A man understands you love him

But cannot compromise his pride and need for respect

Be wise to know and listen to the signs

Show him he is king in your eyes, in your words and when you are with him let that spark shine

Melt his heart with your warm embrace and words

Make love to him ,with your heart ,body and soul

Be there for him and to listen to him

A man is a man

When you find a man not a boy never let him go…. Be taken by that amazing man…