Time And Love


Amanda watched the clock tick, tick-tock, tick tock… She sighed. It was such a beautiful day and such a beautiful weather but her heart was  very lonely still.

She missed being in-love, she missed the passion, she missed the desire of being wanted, she missed caring for someone, being there for someone, she missed him so badly:”The One” who was yet to come… She desired him so desperately… She sighed and asked herself; When was it going to be midnight ,so her luck would change… Tick-tock, Tick -tock..

Joshua looked out the window… His friends had always told him ,he was a hopeless romantic.. He believed that there was one person for everyone.. The One… He believed in fate, in destiny, he believed the stars would be aligned someday and he would meet her… He figured it would be on a full moon day.. He wondered if he was such a dreamer.. Life had been cruel to him… Why couldn’t he find love? Why was it so difficult for him to be happy, for him to care for someone, to adore someone, to pamper someone… He wondered and pondered… He looked at the clock and was still early, why wont time just go quickly, he starred at the clock…Tick-tock,Tick-tock





Twinkle Twinkle

426685_424082927627752_700825732_nAmara seemed to forget constantly that she was beautiful.  She knew she was but pain had made her self-doubt and she began to lose herself. It had been 5 years, 3 days, and 21 minutes since he walked out the door and yet, she couldn’t move on. She was not only mad at herself but wondered how stupid she could be. She used to laugh out loud when she watched those Spanish movies and the two lovers would cry and part and wish they could die together.. little did she know she too would fall so madly in love and get heartbroken as well.

TJ sat there lamenting about how he hurt Amara but didn’t have the guts to see her again. He walked out on her in the most unkind way. He knew what he did was wrong but pride won’t let him talk to her. There were days he would pick up the phone and try to call but he would give up. Their love was real.. it was intense.. she was going to be the mother of his kids, they were going to live on a farm when he retired… they were going to be happy. Then what went wrong? He just couldn’t remember , all he knew was she got him so mad and he walked away and said he would never go back and didn’t . However, thoughts of her had crossed his mind recently. He had dated several women but none like Amara.. No one got him so focused.. No one could challenge him, no one loved like that and no one believed in his dreams like she did… no one was as generous… no one.. gosh , he knew he messed up but one thing he also remembered was her temper and stubbornness… that he couldn’t stand and then he laughed… He wondered how she was doing… Was she married now?

Amara told her herself, Tunde was good enough. He had been patient with her .. especially with her rules… No sex before marriage and they had been steady 6 months, but gosh …her heart did not beat when she was near him. She cried to God.. Was she just going to marry for marriage sake or remain an old maid when the one she loves didn’t want her? All she needed was a twinkle…

A Child


A child

Young or adult

A child is a child

Not knowing where to go, not knowing what to do

A child needs attention, affection and warmth

A child is a child

Soothing words make him or her smile

Being held in his mother’s or father’s arms is what he longs for

In need of discipline from his parents or parent once in a while

In need of empathy and compassion

In need of direction and guidance all the time

A child is a child

In need of his independence from his parents

In need of his freedom from a certain age

In need of his opinions ,his voice to be heard

That is why sometimes a child bursts into tears or anger tantrums

A child is a child

A child sometimes is difficult to understand

A combination of two persons

A product of genes

A child is unique

A child is a gift

A child picks cues from anything and everyone one around when growing up

That is why the early stage of a child’s life are crucial

Habits becomes behaviours and sometimes are negative but focus on the positives

A child is a child

Stubborn as a mule or gentle as a dove

The right company he needs to keep,at an early age

Training a child in the way it ought to grow

That is the way to go

Give him some responsibility ,so he learns accountability early

A child is a child

A child needs trust, comfort and security

He wants to know his family will always be there,come rain ,come shine

A child needs to be constantly reminded of love

Because once his or her feelings are hurt, will withdraw to a world of his own

A child is a child

A good child will never forget a parent that was there for him

In in their old age, he will shower them with care and love

And obey for them for the rest of his life

A child should not be neglected

A child should be respected too

A child is a child

A child is an amazing gift to the world, once you have one or several, love them equally, love like you never have and give all you have to make their dreams come true…

Blank Check

Victor was at the train station ,really pissed he had missed the previous one. He was cursing as usual when a lady asked him why he was cursing and just when he was about to snap as always when he looked up and saw a pretty face and then his charm flooded as always..He suddenly apologized for being a jerk and that’s how it all began..

Vivian was in a relationship but she smiles as recalls the events that transpired. She felt good being appreciated by someone new.. She felt alive again. It was a good feeling. She wondered if she should call this as cheating as it was just a harmless chat with a guy,she sure was not going to meet again. She laughed. She was having doubts about her relationship with Akin. He was ok but he was two-faced. One minute he was all charms and nice with her and strangers ,next minute he was saying bad things about the people and that even included his family! She sometimes wondered what he said behind her back. There were other things she quite didn’t understand. He said he loved her constantly but then he would ,disappear for a month or so and then come back with flowers and explain he was busy at work. She didn’t like spying on him but she felt she had to do so at some point. She loved him but was no fool. He was either cheating or emotionally checking out. She decided not to ignore the signs.

Victor was smitten by the new girl he just met. He was in a funny relationship with a “mystery girl” ,as his friends would say. They had been dating for 2 years and she would disappear and appear at will. He loved her so dearly and could not see a future without her but he always doubted her love. If she loved him why would she treat him like dirt. She never apologized when we went away and she always assumed he would beg her to stay and yes like a loyal dog he did.

They were introduced by friends at a bar and although they did not hit it off immediately, he liked her a lot and they seemed to have a lot in common. She often told him,she was no good but he told her, he would wait.. Perhaps that’s why he stayed. He was a man of his words. She told him how she was used and abused by men and had lost faith and trust in men. Never again was she going to give her heart,he assured her,he was different and she felt safe with him  over time . However it seemed her ghosts kept hunting her. She would just get up and leave when everything was fine. The funny thing is even their fights made no sense. She would just pick a fight for no reason and he would always find a way to calm her down. She often told him,she wondered if he was for real.

Mercy was good and like everyone,she had issues too. Her baggage wearing her down and he could not bear to see her suffer. When they were in bed some nights she would talk in her sleep. He understood her suffering and often prayed for her. She did not share the same faith as he did and that  bothered him. If only she were a believer. Perhaps she would have found peace somehow.

Could there be a love triangle be coming up here?

Love Comes Softly

Matilda was pregnant again and she knew it was stupid. She told herself that the pills would work but just realized she had missed some days. Looking at the results,she was saddened by the thoughts of another abortion. She had to have an abortion because she was not sure if she was pregnant for Jack or Henry,there seemed to be no other way.

Matilda had been heartbroken several times by men who claimed to love her, so she had to wisen up. She was dating two good guys same time for about a year now and was hoping that one of the relationships would lead to marriage. Prior to her becoming a two timing girl, Matilda was a sweet girl with good morals. She did not believe in sex before marriage and was a regular church goer until she met Ben.

Just the mention of his name made her curse. She prayed daily God to pay him back for all the pain he had caused. He left her standing at the altar after dating for 2 years. He suddenly realized he was not happy in the relationship. According to the letter he wrote, it was not working but he did not know how to tell her. He also told her in had lost the feeling. He had met someone and hoped she would forgive him someday. He also wrote,she deserved better, she was a beautiful,caring girl who any man would be proud to have ,the only problem he had was, he just could not go all the way and he did not want to hurt her.

How ridiculous that was! Matilda wept for days,weeks,months and then decided to move on. Ben did come back by the way,claiming it was cold feet but by then ,she had met Jack and Henry ,so she told him off. She still loved him, had forgiven him but what hurt her was that he lied to her and was not man enough to tell her the truth ,she figured anytime he felt distant from her ,he would leave the marriage in the future. Matilta believes that love is a choice because it is beyond the feelings. The worst part is they never had any fights. Everything seemed perfect.

Matilda brought herself back to reality , what was she going to do now?

Jack was getting ready to go to work. He had fond thoughts for Matilda but he really did not love her. He thought about the best way to let her go. She was a nice girl after all and he did not want to hurt her ,especially as she had told him about her last experience. He did not want to put her through such pain again. As he sat there pondering,his phone rang. It was Matilda.. She sounded serious, she had to see him urgently. He was surprised. He just told her to come over.

Matilda hesitated as she told Jack ,she was pregnant. She did not know what to expect,so she just hoped, he would say something positive. Unfortunately that was not the case. He told her, he was not ready for a family. He was sorry but she should decide if she wanted to have the baby or get rid of it.

Crying her eyes out, Matilda left his house. She did not want another abortion. She wanted this baby desperately but she did not want to be a single parent. She blamed herself for being in this predicament and blamed Ben. If only they got married as planned,she would not have been here today.

Wiping her eyes she had to go meet Henry. She knew of the two,Henry was a better man. She knew he was, because he was always so kind ,attentive,very generous and supportive. And although he was rich, he had no airs.  As she got to his house, she found him and his secretary having sex. She froze. She had let herself in as always and she did not expect him to be home at 2pm. He tried to explain but she just ran away, leaving his house keys behind. Matida went home and locked herself in for several days and told her office,she had a family emergency.

She never heard from Jack again. Henry called several times but she did not pick up. She had to get rid of the pain and shame and accept she put herself in this situation. First she had to go to the hospital to do some tests. She had to be sure ,she had not contracted any STD and be sure the baby was fine.

As she walked into the hospital, she bumped into Ben. He looked at her and smiled, he was so glad to see her but all she could do was stare and the next thing she knew was she was on the hospital bed.  As she woke up Ben told her she was the woman in the world and congratulated her about her pregnancy. Matilda burst into tears and began telling him everything ,he was quiet all through.

As soon as she was done, Ben prayed for her and told her he was going to check on her the next day. She could not believe what was happening. Ben prayed for her and was coming the next day? Well she told herself she could not trust him besides, after all the love they shared ,he ran away,but Ben surprised her, he came back the next day as promised with lunch and they chatted for a long time. He began to tell her of how he had found God and had become a better person. He was not the Ben she knew that broke her heart. He apologized and begged her to forgive him and asked her to date him again. He promised that this time it would be different.

Matilda stared at him and could not believe her ears. She was pregnant and was not sure who the father was. Ben knew all that and was willing to date her again. She told herself it was a trick and perhaps his guilt was the reason he decided to date her or worse,he was dying. She was not going to be fooled a second time. She asked him to leave. He pleaded for her to give it a thought and kissed her on her forehead. She still could not believe it. Ben had become gentle. This was too good to be true.

Meanwhile Henry had come in person to ask for forgiveness, it was a moment of weakness. He was willing to marry her and all, he wanted her.  Matilda was getting confused because ,now she had to choose between Ben and Henry. On one hand Ben was the jerk who dumped her but was now a changed man and Henry was a man who cheated on her but then again ,she had cheated too. She took a deep breath and only could follow her heart.

Ben did not relent with his wooing her. Days went by and he was consistent. She did everything she could to push him away but all he did was show her love and compassion. He was patient and understanding. They prayed together, went to church together and she began to love herself again. She realized she had gotten into this self hate because she could not deal with the problem but focused of the person who hurt her, she felt free. She realised he was her hero, how ironic and she decided to let go of her pain.

Ben and Matilda fell in love again and this time it was stronger than the first time. They had worked on themselves, became grounded in God and when it was time for Matilda to give birth ,Ben was standing right there. Matida gave birth to a beautiful girl who Ben adopted immediately.

Love exists in so many ways..

At Last

Stephen is a young man in his late thirties, a successful banker,Christian and humble man. He was the type who would open doors for strangers, he did not like too much attention and often loved to give surprises anonymously. He was also a good writer. He wrote poems when he was stressed. It was his getaway place, he often prayed for a woman who would love his writing or possibly be a writer too.

Stephen was at the office wondering why he just could not find the right woman. His father had once told him never to try to understand a woman,just love her!  He never quite understood that and still did not. Why was love so complicated? He had dated several beautiful women ,been married once and in the end ,all he could say is, perhaps he did not show them love as his father advised.

What does it mean to love a woman? He kept pondering. He thought about Yinka,the woman he just walked out on. He left because he was tired. He was sure she did not love him but he loved her: He did everything in his power to show her he did but she just could not say ” I love you” .She told him once that she was only ever going to tell him when she meant it and that when she did it was going to be forever. However,he lost his patience. He just was not going to sit around and beg for her love when there are plenty fish. He decided to quit,he felt she would not be hurt,she was a very attractive girl and any man would die for her. He knew she would be fine and eventually she was. He just heard that she got married but it got him upset. He was curious to know why she chose Tunde and not him. Akin his brother had told him not to go down that path” Just let it go,forgive Yinka and pray God brings someone along your way”.

So Stephen decided to pray. He prayed hard. Read several books on preparing for marriage and dating. He watched videos and listened to tapes. He was ready and just as Akin promised someone came along his way..Sarah.

Sarah was at home checking her calendar, hmm..5 years had already gone by since Segun had cheated on her and moved away with Franca her childhood friend. She still remembered the pain. It hurt so badly. What only seemed to happen in the movies happened to her. That year was the most difficult year of her life and over time she concluded that all men were the same. There was no need to try.She decided to focus on God and her career. She was a successful business woman: she started her company from scratch.

Sarah smiled as she remembered Stephen, although she just met him 2 weeks ago,she felt that there could be more. There was no magic or fireworks as her dear friend Mary would say but he was special. She  double checked her list on the qualities she desired in a man and prayed. She had been celibate all these years and hoped the next man would be her last.Going through her list again she realized she had to talk to Stephen,she wrote the list after her breakup and knew why she did. She was hurt. How was she going to know that Stephen was not going to hurt her ?God! it was hard.

Stephen knew right away that he could spend the rest of his life with Sarah. He could not place a finger as to why but he just knew and he was not going to miss this chance. He could tell she had gone through pain and vowed to show her that all men are not the same . He was going to love her until she wept because of his love. He vowed not to mess this one up. She was just right for him, everything he wanted and much more. If only she would accept him. He was a little worried that she might not take him seriously considering she was richer. That was not to say he did not have financial security..he had a good job. He worked at a bank, but she was so independent and had several millions stashed away. He prayed she would not think he was there for her money. He really did like her a lot and he was sure it was going to grow. As his mind wandered,his phone rang. It was Sarah, he became nervous. It had been a long time he felt that way about a woman! She invited him for drinks ,he was excited. That was the beginning of their love relationship.

As life happens,all relationships go through a test. Segun who broke Sarah’s heart was back. Apparently the relationship between him and Franca did not work and he had dated several women after Franca but he never felt the same. He came to apologise to her , or so he claimed. Stephen did not like the idea of him back in her life. Segun was a multi-millionaire, dangerously handsome and seemed like a better match for her. He was no competition. Their relationship was about 7 months now and he had just bought her ring. Getting her ring size was the main culprit, he just did not know how to measure her finger but thanks to her light head,he succeeded one night when she fell asleep in his apartment. So there he was planning a surprise engagement party with her family and friends when Sarah called. She sounded upset over the phone, he was so worried. He hated it when she was upset or she cried. Upon getting to her apartment,she smiled but could not look at him in the eyes. She told him,she needed a break from the relationship. She did not know why God brought Segun back in her life. She did love  Segun deeply in the past and seeing him again brought back all those feelings,but that does not mean she did not love Stephen. Stephen did not know if he should cry, yell or just walk away.

He had been in possession of the ring for a while,just waiting for the right moment and although this did not seem like the right time and did not fit the plan,he had to do it ,she had to know he did not want to lose her,going down on both knees ,he calls her attention,she turns around and sees him on both knees, Stephen says ” There is no woman I would rather spend the rest of my life with ,will you marry me Sarah?”.. Sarah was speechless, what a pleasant surprise,her heart screamed “yes” but her head said ‘”not now”. So she asked him to get up and told him she would love to spend the rest of her life with him as well but needed time. Stephen did not know what to say but was glad because she did not say no. She did not want to take the ring either; she asked him to keep it until a time she was going to wear it. He left her apartment with mixed feelings .

To his dismay he did not hear from Sarah again in two months. Two long months,no calls, no text, no emails, she vanished. He went to her office and her apartment but all he was told,was she was on a business trip and was ok. He worried about her but was upset, she disrespected their relationship by going on the trip without letting him know. He did not know what to make of this. Was it over? It seemed it was happening all again. He was going to get hurt. Just when he had finally found someone to love, he did everything his dad told him. He prayed and loved her especially when she was just being a woman! Gosh he loved her. He respected her wishes. They even had not had sex, she said no and he had stayed committed to her for 9 months, this was the first time he had given 100%. Gosh!

He buried his head in the pillow and just then, he heard someone open his front door, he figured it was Grace his kid sister stopping by with lunch or checking on him. He called out her name and no response, as he walked out the door, Sarah stood there smiling. He was mixed with joy and anger and he asked her why she was here. Sarah said ” to spend the rest of my life with you” that was the most beautiful thing he had heard. All of a sudden he forgot all the pain she had caused, why she disappeared. She was saying how sorry she was and explaining everything when he just kissed her. At last his lonely nights were over…