Sunrise or Hope


He smiled as she said her name again, she was such a beauty and her innocence was what made him so drawn to her. Yet he felt he was doing something wrong. Segun lost his wife 2 years ago and he wasn’t sure he should have a love interest so soon.

She smiled as he looked at her with his dreamy eyes, she wondered what he was thinking about. She was happy because she had met someone who didn’t want anything else but just know her and of course,” stare”… hahaha… she laughed. It had been 3 years she hadn’t dated , not because of betrayal or anything of that sort. She was saving herself for the best, “The One” as she heard her married friends say.. Suddenly she looked at Segun, he was handsome but of age.  She guessed he was in his late 40’s and wondered what was his story. She could tell sadness behind those eyes but she hoped she would help ,ease the pain and make him feel alive again… She wanted to save him because she needed saving too… However she was a little hesitant;would he accept her and her story if he knew?


An old soul lover

I am an old soul living in a young body

An old soul longing for depth in these meaningless times

An old soul, in need of old-time love

Love that had meaning without too many words

Love that was deep enough and nothing could shake

Love beyond time and distance

Love that has no language

Love that just one look says it all

Love that gives you hope all day long

Love that doesn’t question

Love that doesn’t doubt

A faultless love-No wrong or right

Love that feels so comfortable even when it’s under your skin

Love that is cheerful and generous

Love that gives more than it takes

Love that makes you want to go on even when the world says stop

I’m an old soul

I know so because this age doesn’t have a clue of what I speak

The love language today is all about modern communication-Skype, instagram, twitter, facebook, viber

Sad but it seems ,that’s the only way to show your love

Public display of affection is gradually being replaced by social media

We hug ,just to show our peeps ” we are in love”

There we also air our dirty laundry…..

It’s amazing how even when lovers quarrel, few minutes later you hear a laughter… how easy it was back then

Oh gosh! now you need to make an apology or they move on to the next

“Love” is so easy, cheap and why stress if not working? right?

Life is too short ,some might add…Oh love! what a mess! Why do we blame you for our emotional laziness?

Fighting for who you love is too much energy ..No point, just move on…

LOL… if our parents moved on so fast back in the day, we won’t be here now…

Such a pity but hey, that’s life

However, I am still hopeful… There must be an old soul like me out there

Love beyond words…Just the knowing that this person got your back always no matter what… that should be enough..

Love is sometimes complicated..

Dotun is a young successful business man. He started his company from scratch. At 32 he seemed not to be able to stay in love. He was told that true love lasts forever but he wondered what he felt for all the woman he had dated in the past because the longer he stayed in the relationship, the less he felt. He felt the love fading away and sometimes he would tell them at the beginning he prayed the relationship would last but of course it ended.

His friends had once suggested he saw a therapist. There was something in his past he had not let go of. He was surely holding on to pain that did not necessarily have to do with the women he had dated but everything that had to do with why he could not stay in love even when the woman loved him unconditionally. A childhood painful memory perhaps,a rejection,an accident, fear,insecurity,inferiority complex,unforgiveness,bitterness. It could be one or all. He had to speak to someone.

He knew he had issues but so did everyone else. He was not happy some days, some people said he was moody but whenever he was hanging out with friends and business partners he was the life of the party but when alone in his apartment,he was unhappy, negative thoughts often triggered in his head. He was not content with almost everything going on in his life.He wondered if he would get married, when he would have kids. He really needed a family for some stability. He felt something was missing in his life. However he was not sure if he wanted to get married to get rid of loneliness and have kids or he was actually looking for a woman who would complement him and together they would be complete.

As these thoughts triggered in his head, he wondered if there was really something wrong with him. Why did he feel so low and feel so high?The only person who understood him was his mum and even her sometimes,he could not be completely honest. He talked to God sometimes but he had missed it along the way. Attending church was not his thing at the moment. He would rather watch sports  or drink or simply bury himself in his work. He was not one for casual sex either. In fact he was celibate for 3 years now. He just wanted more. Sex was cheap.

Bimkpe  a 36-year-old , teacher was sitting at her desk ,daydreaming about true love. She sighed. How she wished she could turn back the hands of time. She had only been in love once and when she was so young. They were both naive and did not know what they wanted out of life. They had to part and when they met again five years later,he still was not ready. She gave up on him and decided to give herself chance to fall in love again.  Bimkpe had,had several suitors over the years,right from the age of 14. She counted.. at least 9 men had asked for her hand in marriage and she had turned 8 down and the only one she could have married,his mum did not like her at all. She swore never to get into a family in which the folks did not love her. She decided to write down the qualities in the man ,she wanted to marry and wrote down what she had to offer him. She only wanted to marry because of love and companionship and not because of what the man had to offer, or children. She wanted a man ,she would love even at his worst, who would also accept her imperfections. She was looking for a man,who would have his heart,locked in hers.

Dotun had to pick up his brother’s kid from school. Tunde had just called that his wife was ill and he had to take her to the clinic and pleaded with him to go pick his son up. Dotun did not mind. One would expect him to send a driver but he drove down to the school and asked for Gbenga and there he saw Bimkpe.

Dotun smiled like he had never before, he just did not know what overcame him. He went up to her and said, hi!  Bimkpe was kind of startled ,she had never seen him before and wondered who he was. He introduced himself and then she became at ease. She remained professional and handed him Gbenga and wished him a lovely day. However when she went home,she wondering why he was smiling so much and smiled too. Hmmm.

Dotun could not take his mind off the woman he just met. She made him smile. He was so grateful to Tunde and called him up to ask if he could pick Gbenga up the next time he was free. Tunde smiled and asked him,what was up. He confessed ,he liked the teacher. Tunde told him, from what he had heard she was lovely but hard. No nonsense. If he wanted her ,he had to be sure to all the way, Dotun said he was ready.

Dotun and Bimkpe became inseparable when they both had spare time. It was a magical period for both of them. She went with him to see a counsellor when she noticed he was often moody and needed help. She was happy that he knew it and was working on it. She also became a better person. She was always impatient but with him,she learned patience. The best part was, there was no distraction. No other guy or girl in the way.They both had met whom they wanted and stayed together. They also decided to seek God in their relationship and ensured they involved him all the way. It was not easy all the time but God makes all things beautiful in his time and 3 years later,they welcomed little Dotun and Bimkpe…