Start Anew

After the rain falls, the sun rises…

That’s the hope we do have each and every day

When life throws you lemons, you make a lemonade

That’s what all your friends tell you

What most people don’t actually tell you about the pain and sadness that weighs you down and keeps you up at night

Nobody bothers to tell you about the hurt and disappointment you may never get over

After night ,comes day….

That is for sure… this is a certainty

How do I let you go and start anew when I can’t say for sure that I will find true love again?

The kinda love that shakes you and your life never remains the same again.

The kinda love that just one touch, one look, one smile ,takes all your pain away.

How do I sleep and hope to feel alive again in someone else’s arms?

How do I kiss another’s lips and imagine they taste as yours ?

How do I hold another and feel safe forever?

She took a deep breath and kept walking.

All these ranging thoughts of desire.

She needed something, someone or anything to tell her for sure, she would find another..

She kept walking and kept hoping that tomorrow she would gain what she lost and much more.. She prayed, she hoped.


Bold, Beautiful and Bossy

Miriam , that is what everyone called her. She was the 3 B’s… Bold ,Beautiful and Bossy. Yes and she didn’t mind flaunting it. She attributed her assertiveness to leadership. She once told us that it came from her many years of directing, coaching and bringing up her siblings. We would laugh.

We were such good friends until, Bayo came between us. I often joked that he would. I kind of saw it coming but didn’t want to believe our childhood friendship would be crushed because of love. Yes, because of stupid love. I was bitter, still bitter, as I wrote.

Bayo was one of those charming guys, who knew exactly what to say to get exactly what he wanted.  Miriam at that time was already engaged to Mike, our childhood friend and part of our inner circle. Mike was her first and was going to be her last! We just couldn’t forgive her for the betrayal. How could she do that? Bayo wasn’t special!

Hmm… Why do I remember? Miriam is in a coma and that should be my focus but perhaps I was worried she wouldn’t wake up and I couldn’t say all the things I had kept buried in my heart for 3 years.

Oh my time flies! It was 5 days  since the incident and Bayo was still AWOL. I kept asking myself,how could beat her and set the house on fire? I couldn’t wrap my head around it but I couldn’t help but say, ” I told her”.girl in pain

When she is into you

When she is so into u
It won’t matter if you don’t dress fine
It won’t matter if you don’t buy her fancy things or haven’t even given her a gift at all!
It won’t matter if you have a job or not
It won’t matter when you hang out with the boys when you promised to come home after work.
It won’t matter when your folks don’t like her that much
It won’t matter when you are miles apart
It won’t matter when your feet smell after a long day at work!
It won’t matter when she made that lovely hair and you didn’t notice
It won’t matter when she cooked and you didn’t even taste it because you ate already
It won’t matter when you do something wrong because she forgave you already
It won’t matter when she don’t like your friends but still lets them in the house
It won’t matter when you hurt her so bad and she simply didn’t understand why you didn’t show up when you said you would
It won’t matter when she gets all sexy for you on Valentine’s Day and you forgot it was even Valentine’s Day
It won’t matter much when you get home drunk and she has been waiting up for you after calling you forever because her calls when to voice mail and you simply forgot to call
It won’t matter much when you don’t tell the whole truth about a certain situation and she forgives you all the same and even says a prayer for you when she honestly just wants to slap you…
It won’t matter when you are so annoying sometimes; all she thinks about is you
It won’t matter even when her friends tell her she can do better…
All she sees is her soul mate,she smiles each time and only remembers the positive
When she is so into, so many things don’t matter but don’t think she is a fool. She is just into you.

When he is so into u
It won’t matter when your grammar isn’t too ok
It won’t matter if you don’t look like Beyoncé because you are the most beautiful girl in his eyes
It won’t matter when you really don’t know how to cook; he will eat it all the same and give you some tips for next time.
It won’t matter when ALL his friends and family think you are not good enough for him;to him you are the best thing that ever happened to him.
It won’t matter when you gain a few pounds, hey just make sure it is in the right places.
It won’t matter if you are so annoying and stubborn all the time, in fact he finds that kinda attractive
It won’t matter when you don’t wanna have sex because he knows how to wait!
It won’t matter when you receive some phone calls that he just isn’t too comfortable with but he just trusts you completely
It won’t matter when you fight because he won’t let you go to bed being upset with him
It won’t matter when things go wrong and seems like you two would never get back together, he will give you so many chances…
It won’t matter when you go visiting your friends and promise to see him and then call to cancel. It is ok; he knows you need some space.
It won’t matter when you suck at 1000 things that people say you must be good at. He isn’t looking for a perfect being, because you are perfect for him.
It won’t matter but don’t take him as a fool, he is just so into you.