She was so thankful as she gazed into his lovely eyes. He was so beautiful. He made her so complete. Not that she was incomplete but they simply just fit… All her weaknesses were his strengths and all his weaknesses were her strengths.. She smiled and said what she had been holding back for years ” I love you”.. He smiled and said ” That wasn’t so hard now was it? I love you, you crazy sweet being .. all of me, loves all of you always” She leaned in and gave a kiss that sealed their love forever….



Sunrise in your eyes

sunrise 2

I awake again with thoughts of you

Thoughts of you , always you

Your ever so loving gaze

Your ever so warm embrace

I awake again and memories of you keep me going

I smile, I frown , I laugh and my friends say often  ” it’s strange, he is just right by her side”

Yes you lay by my side, each and every day

I see you , your smile and it takes my breath away

I hunger for your touch

I  desire you ,each and every morning

I awake again and memories of you keep me going

Nothing is ever lost, it begins again… each memory delightful

An old soul lover

I am an old soul living in a young body

An old soul longing for depth in these meaningless times

An old soul, in need of old-time love

Love that had meaning without too many words

Love that was deep enough and nothing could shake

Love beyond time and distance

Love that has no language

Love that just one look says it all

Love that gives you hope all day long

Love that doesn’t question

Love that doesn’t doubt

A faultless love-No wrong or right

Love that feels so comfortable even when it’s under your skin

Love that is cheerful and generous

Love that gives more than it takes

Love that makes you want to go on even when the world says stop

I’m an old soul

I know so because this age doesn’t have a clue of what I speak

The love language today is all about modern communication-Skype, instagram, twitter, facebook, viber

Sad but it seems ,that’s the only way to show your love

Public display of affection is gradually being replaced by social media

We hug ,just to show our peeps ” we are in love”

There we also air our dirty laundry…..

It’s amazing how even when lovers quarrel, few minutes later you hear a laughter… how easy it was back then

Oh gosh! now you need to make an apology or they move on to the next

“Love” is so easy, cheap and why stress if not working? right?

Life is too short ,some might add…Oh love! what a mess! Why do we blame you for our emotional laziness?

Fighting for who you love is too much energy ..No point, just move on…

LOL… if our parents moved on so fast back in the day, we won’t be here now…

Such a pity but hey, that’s life

However, I am still hopeful… There must be an old soul like me out there

Love beyond words…Just the knowing that this person got your back always no matter what… that should be enough..

Wild and Free……..

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Tope had just gotten off an annoying phone call with her ex. She wondered why he just didn’t get it that it was over… they were no longer dating and  he was now only a friend. Why did he still act like he owned her? Gosh… She pondered how she began loving a man who only considered himself as supreme and every other person meant nothing. Why did she find him so attractive and yet he only made her angry.. This fatal attraction was killing her. She had to stop seeing him. Looking through her contacts ,she remembered Dapo.. A fine eloquent gentleman ,who almost swept her off her feet at some point…But then she was so blinded by her love for Tope, she couldn’t ” see” him.

Dapo was one of those guys that every girl would dream of…Tall,  dark, handsome and rich but she still feared the worse. She was never really successful with men but she told herself, she was turning 40.. She had to try, she wasn’t going to look great forever..

She prayed for a man, who would sweep her off her feet. She prayed that she wouldn’t meet a typical “African man”, she prayed she would complete him…And just as she was lost in her thoughts and her prayers…The phone rang and yep, it was Dapo…Hmmm… she sighed.. Could this be it? The truly, madly, deeply love, she so dreamed about and wanted so badly…

Unexpected love

stock-footage-young-business-woman-in-office-texting-on-cell-phoneMary was looking for something casual because she did not have time to date.. She was a workaholic and she lived so far away from eligible men, so her friends would always say. Her colleagues described her as sweet but yet she could not find love. She would often smile and tell them, she was married to her work that’s why she was single and was certainly in no rush. She was only going to marry for love and in any case, most men she had met didn’t possess the qualities she was looking for. She pondered sometimes about  what men really wanted from women, she was lost to what it was.. She needed a modern man who just loved her as he loved himself, was successful and was a great conversationalist . There were too many boring men out there who only talked about sports. She was a hopeless romantic but most times the men she had dated didn’t have time to discover that and ran away from her because she couldn’t give them the attention required. Her tiny secret ,was she was a virgin at 30 and was not going to give it away, just like that, plus she had heard men today expected women to know everything in bed: It was such a hassle! So for now ,Mary was content being married to her work until Dumo came along.

Dumo had been exchanging work emails with Mary and wondered how she looked.  He didn’t know why he was so drawn to the person he was corresponding with but each time they exchanged emails, he just smiled. He also was simply drawn to her name. She seemed like an enigma and he always loved a challenge. He was looking to settle down with someone extraordinary. He did not want a woman who would sit at home. He needed a match intellectually; he wanted to be stimulated by her mind not just by her looks. He always believed that love was something that would grow  and was willing to be patient for the right one.

Walking in Mary’s office  Dumo’ s heart was racing. He just hoped that once he saw her, he would know. However, Mary was not in the right  mood for her prince  charming ; she was on the  phone, engrossed with texting her mum and Dumo walked in and smiled because she  wouldn’t even raise her head to  acknowledge him  and   when she did, Mary wondered what he was smiling  about but noticed he was dangerously  handsome  and looked  great in the suit. She  gladly stood  up and  introduced herself…

Could their lonely nights be over?

A Woman


A woman is a woman

Young or old,this generation or the next

Her desire is and will always be for her man

His gentle touches,tenderness and compassion

The whispers in her ears,the romantic gestures

A woman is a woman

A woman is a woman

She needs her man to hold her

To tell her, she is the most beautiful girl in the world

Even though she knows because she has confidence

A woman is a woman

A woman is a woman

She wants to help her man

Take care of him as he does for her

She needs love,adoration and respect

She needs to be treated right: as an equal not in words but especially by actions

A woman is a woman

A woman is a woman

She needs to be free

She needs to be heard

She needs to feel loved

Once she does not feel secure,she could walk away

A woman is a woman

A woman is a woman

She would do anything for her man

Fight for him,respect him,support him

Be there for him when no one is

But once you scare her off, she just might run away

A woman is a woman

A woman is a woman

When she accepts she is yours,she means it and got eyes for only you

Others may try to win her hand or seduce her with worldly riches but she will stand by you

All she needs is your acceptance

A woman is a woman

A woman is a woman

Keep seducing her, keep making her eyes shine

Make love to her as if, if were the first time, every time

Help her ,listen to her,teach her, mould her, protect her,provide for her, love her

Most especially be patient with her

A woman is a woman

When you find a woman whose smile warms your heart, be taken by that amazing woman and never let her go

Blank Check

Victor was at the train station ,really pissed he had missed the previous one. He was cursing as usual when a lady asked him why he was cursing and just when he was about to snap as always when he looked up and saw a pretty face and then his charm flooded as always..He suddenly apologized for being a jerk and that’s how it all began..

Vivian was in a relationship but she smiles as recalls the events that transpired. She felt good being appreciated by someone new.. She felt alive again. It was a good feeling. She wondered if she should call this as cheating as it was just a harmless chat with a guy,she sure was not going to meet again. She laughed. She was having doubts about her relationship with Akin. He was ok but he was two-faced. One minute he was all charms and nice with her and strangers ,next minute he was saying bad things about the people and that even included his family! She sometimes wondered what he said behind her back. There were other things she quite didn’t understand. He said he loved her constantly but then he would ,disappear for a month or so and then come back with flowers and explain he was busy at work. She didn’t like spying on him but she felt she had to do so at some point. She loved him but was no fool. He was either cheating or emotionally checking out. She decided not to ignore the signs.

Victor was smitten by the new girl he just met. He was in a funny relationship with a “mystery girl” ,as his friends would say. They had been dating for 2 years and she would disappear and appear at will. He loved her so dearly and could not see a future without her but he always doubted her love. If she loved him why would she treat him like dirt. She never apologized when we went away and she always assumed he would beg her to stay and yes like a loyal dog he did.

They were introduced by friends at a bar and although they did not hit it off immediately, he liked her a lot and they seemed to have a lot in common. She often told him,she was no good but he told her, he would wait.. Perhaps that’s why he stayed. He was a man of his words. She told him how she was used and abused by men and had lost faith and trust in men. Never again was she going to give her heart,he assured her,he was different and she felt safe with him  over time . However it seemed her ghosts kept hunting her. She would just get up and leave when everything was fine. The funny thing is even their fights made no sense. She would just pick a fight for no reason and he would always find a way to calm her down. She often told him,she wondered if he was for real.

Mercy was good and like everyone,she had issues too. Her baggage wearing her down and he could not bear to see her suffer. When they were in bed some nights she would talk in her sleep. He understood her suffering and often prayed for her. She did not share the same faith as he did and that  bothered him. If only she were a believer. Perhaps she would have found peace somehow.

Could there be a love triangle be coming up here?