Love and the Sheets

Their moaning could wake up the entire neighborhood but they couldn’t be bothered. It was as if it was their first time.. Their eyes locked and then she closed her eyes in sheer pleasure… He was lost in her warm embrace and as he went deeper all he could say was” I love you” . Yes, he did, so passionately. He had waited so long and finally they were here on their wedding night and it was simply magical…


Sunrise in your eyes

sunrise 2

I awake again with thoughts of you

Thoughts of you , always you

Your ever so loving gaze

Your ever so warm embrace

I awake again and memories of you keep me going

I smile, I frown , I laugh and my friends say often  ” it’s strange, he is just right by her side”

Yes you lay by my side, each and every day

I see you , your smile and it takes my breath away

I hunger for your touch

I  desire you ,each and every morning

I awake again and memories of you keep me going

Nothing is ever lost, it begins again… each memory delightful

An old soul lover

I am an old soul living in a young body

An old soul longing for depth in these meaningless times

An old soul, in need of old-time love

Love that had meaning without too many words

Love that was deep enough and nothing could shake

Love beyond time and distance

Love that has no language

Love that just one look says it all

Love that gives you hope all day long

Love that doesn’t question

Love that doesn’t doubt

A faultless love-No wrong or right

Love that feels so comfortable even when it’s under your skin

Love that is cheerful and generous

Love that gives more than it takes

Love that makes you want to go on even when the world says stop

I’m an old soul

I know so because this age doesn’t have a clue of what I speak

The love language today is all about modern communication-Skype, instagram, twitter, facebook, viber

Sad but it seems ,that’s the only way to show your love

Public display of affection is gradually being replaced by social media

We hug ,just to show our peeps ” we are in love”

There we also air our dirty laundry…..

It’s amazing how even when lovers quarrel, few minutes later you hear a laughter… how easy it was back then

Oh gosh! now you need to make an apology or they move on to the next

“Love” is so easy, cheap and accessible..so why stress if not working? right?

Life is too short ,some might add…Oh love! what a mess! Why do we blame you for our emotional laziness?

Fighting for who you love is too much energy ..No point, just move on…

LOL… if our parents moved on so fast back in the day, we won’t be here now…

Such a pity but hey, that’s life

However, I am still hopeful… There must be an old soul like me out there

Love beyond words…Just the knowing that this person got your back always no matter what… that should be enough..

A Woman


A woman is a woman

Young or old,this generation or the next

Her desire is and will always be for her man

His gentle touches,tenderness and compassion

The whispers in her ears,the romantic gestures

A woman is a woman

A woman is a woman

She needs her man to hold her

To tell her, she is the most beautiful girl in the world

Even though she knows because she has confidence

A woman is a woman

A woman is a woman

She wants to help her man

Take care of him as he does for her

She needs love,adoration and respect

She needs to be treated right: as an equal not in words but especially by actions

A woman is a woman

A woman is a woman

She needs to be free

She needs to be heard

She needs to feel loved

Once she does not feel secure,she could walk away

A woman is a woman

A woman is a woman

She would do anything for her man

Fight for him,respect him,support him

Be there for him when no one is

But once you scare her off, she just might run away

A woman is a woman

A woman is a woman

When she accepts she is yours,she means it and got eyes for only you

Others may try to win her hand or seduce her with worldly riches but she will stand by you

All she needs is your acceptance

A woman is a woman

A woman is a woman

Keep seducing her, keep making her eyes shine

Make love to her as if, if were the first time, every time

Help her ,listen to her,teach her, mould her, protect her,provide for her, love her

Most especially be patient with her

A woman is a woman

When you find a woman whose smile warms your heart, be taken by that amazing woman and never let her go

Dear Future Husband

Dear Future Husband,

Hope you are doing ok.

I need to be understood,so I decided to write you this letter ,so when we meet,you will know me and I know you.

I belong to you and you belong to me. Together we will be forever; my promise will I keep to you until my dying day.

I hope you will keep yours,please know that I do not believe in divorce.

I do not know how to be a wife; I have never been married but  I will learn .I expect you to teach me,nurture me and mould me to become the wife you want me to be. I only want to please you.

I only know who I am as a woman. I am strong but delicate, smart, filled with so many God-given talents to assist you to become the man God has intended you to be.

You are my head and I will respect your authority. I also expect you to respect my authority as your assistant, your co-captain.

My future husband ,please do not lead where I cannot follow ;women have a gift,our intuition. Listen to me even when it seems foolish and ask God to show you when you can’t.

My future husband,have authority over your head. Have God, your father,your mother,your uncle,a father figure that you are accountable to. We both don’t know what marriage is like,we will learn from God’s word and from the authority over your head.

My future husband, I will not always be sweet,obedient, and accommodating*me being honest .In these hard times ,I hope you show compassion and tenderness towards me. I probably am just going through stuff that I don’t know how to control. You know I love you and I am only human. Please be patient with me.

My future husband,please trust me with several tasks, don’t see me as a threat. I am only trying to make sure everything goes smoothly, it is my responsibility as much as it is yours. Don’t stress too much. Let me help you. Don’t let your ego get a hold of you. I know you are my provider and protector and me doing stuff for you or for us doesn’t take that away from you.

My future husband, my love,my sweetheart.. You are so kind. I believe you are. I need you to know that I admire you. You mean everything to me. Without you there would be no me. We are one. Never forget that.

My dear future husband,please ask me any question that comes to mind. I am ready to answer ,anytime ,any day. Your doubts,fears are safe with me. Together we will move mountains,make a difference in this generation. Nothing is impossible.

My future husband, don’t worry about our kids. They will be raised to fear the lord. Their path will be set as they are formed in the womb. Together we will train them in the way of the lord. They will be an example to their generation and be a legacy to the next.

My future husband,don’t worry,don’t fret about worldly riches. We will have wealth, most importantly,we will be rich in  our mind,body,spirit and soul. We will be good to all around us.

My future husband ,please let us not use worldly standards in our home. When we fight let the sun not go down in our anger. Let us resolve our issues. Let us forgive and let go. Let us talk about the issues and make actions toward those issues,so they don’t repeat,let us pray without ceasing together,alone especially when we are apart.

My future husband..my desire will always be for you and your desire will always be to dominate me. Don’t worry about that. I will be loyal to you forever when you appreciate me. I am God’s gift to you to be treasured and valued ,not your property. As long as you don’t mistreat me, I will flourish and be more than you ever wanted me to be. I will be the Proverbs 31 woman. I can only be that with your love. I am a reflection of your love.

My future husband,love me, love me unconditionally. When I am good ,especially when I am bad. Unconditional love is hard,I know. I assure I will love you unconditionally even if you don’t. My desire will always be for you. Our love is forever.

My future husband,I hope you can see that I respect you.  I will run with your vision and uphold your values. Please let your word be your bond.

My future husband, I forsake all my past and all others to cling unto you,cling unto me.

My future husband,pray for me, I pray for you always. When you find me be sure you have conviction, be sure it is me without doubts. I need you to be sure, I am the one you seek.

My dear future husband, this is where I drop my pen, I miss you ,please come find me,your favour is with me ” He who finds a wife obtains favour from the lord” . I await patiently for you because the woman is the glory of man. We need each other.

Love you and see you soon.

Yours forever,

Future wife.